Friday, September 4, 2009


Can we just take a minute to appreciate how incredibly awesome and cool Patty Griffin is?


Amstr said...

Wow--my favorite Patty Griffin song.

We just got tix to see Gillian Welch at the Fillmore on Oct. 1. Remember our crazy Gillian Welch trip all those years ago? Wish you could be there!

Ink said...


And may I compliment you on the awesome profile pic? :)

Good Enough Woman said...

Amstr, Of course I remember our previous SF Gillian Welch trip! That was awesome. I'm envious that you're seeing her at the Fillmore again.

Ink, Yes you may! I've only seen one episode of Mad Men. Does that qualify me for a Mad Men avatar?

Ink said...

Yes, one episode = you get it.

I did my avatar there but then was afraid to post it on the blog. Pretending I'm anonymous and all that. ;)