Friday, March 26, 2010

A Change of Plans

Since hubster returned from the desert, I thought he and his BFF would be taking the kids camping tonight. I thought I'd join them for the afternoon, then come back home for pasta, wine, and a movie or a good book in a quiet house.

It didn't turn out that way. Camping was postponed until tomorrow because tomorrow will be warmer and less windy near the beaches (which in where the campground is).

But that still doesn't fully explain how I ended up spending the evening in a tent, in the front yard, watching Monsters vs. Aliens with my daughter, then having her fall asleep, her head in my hands, while I waited for the boys to get back from a moonlight kayak in the bay.

Now, the boys have all gone out to the tent to join the sleeping, snoring girl, and I'm back inside. But it's already 10:34. Dare I stay up for port, chocolate, and something from Netflix instant play?


Amstr said...

I feel like every night this week has been like this for me (sans tent). Every evening is taken up with travel planning, dishes, house cleaning, etc. when I should be studying or relaxing. I think I'm going to drink a beer and watch a half hour of something anyway.

loveskidlit said...

Sorry, GEW. I sympathize with the sentiment... but am dazzled by visions of beach-side campsites,and moonlight kayaking in the bay.

Still, MvA is an awful film to have to suffer through. If you like heavy dramas well acted, Netflix instant has Incendiary, which is one of those acing performances that stays with you for weeks.

Gaga said...

Well, you deserve the port and chocolate, so I hope you at least allowed yourself that.

ginger said...

I hope you did.

Aspiring Minimalist said...

I hope you treated yourself to that port and chocolate! :)

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Oh I hope the camping trip went off in the end the next day so you could have your quiet. But a moonlight kayak in the bay! That sounds so cool too. And you must have a well-equipped tent if there's access to a power source for movie viewing :)

Good Enough Woman said...

Amstr, I feel for you. I envy your trip, but I sympathize with your planning. One time, prepping for a trip, I started to kind of hyperventilate because of the planning and packing stress. With kids, it really is hard. Plus, there's all the stuff I don't normally get done that I suddenly want to do right before the trip. Hope you enjoyed a beer and some TV.

LKL, the beach and the bay are, indeed, awesome, if a bit cold and windy at times. MvA was not really awesome. I dozed during part of it.

Gaga, Ginger, and AM: I did! Port, chocolate, and the first half of Notting Hill.

CT, Well, I ended up going with them to the beach the next day and staying until about 9:00pm, at which time I left them at the campsite, came home, and had a little time to myself. And then I had several hours of quiet time the next morning for . . . grading.

As for the movie, we used the battery-powered portable DVD player.