Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Who knew Spike was a nerdy poet?!

And now he's a fool for love.

Aw, Spikey.

I just love chip-in-the-head Spikey.


Anonymous said...

William the Bloody! Bloody awful poetry!

Anonymous said...

Also not wanting to make you envious or anything, but I am going to this conference:

with these presentations: 'I feel strong, I feel different' Tranformations, vampires and language in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

'Bloody hell, sodding Boll#@$ks. Oh God I'm English - Translating Spike'.


Ink said...

I'm totally freakin' jealous, Studentmum!

And I loved chip-in-the-head Spike for awhile but then unexpectedly began missing early Spike...he's just so cool with Dru in the beginning, all snarly and sexy! But he IS really freakin' funny as chip-in-the-head Spike at times. (And yeah, when his poetry is trashed, don't you just want to hug him?)

Ink said...

And why do I keep saying freakin' every two freakin' seconds? Geesh.

Good Enough Woman said...

OMG, Studentmum! I am SO jealous!

Inky, is there a conference like that going on anywhere is the US? Should we PLAN one?!?

And I totally wanted to hug him when his poetry was trashed! And even chip-in-the-head Spikey has his snarly/sexy moments. And when he gets really evil, I get surprised (which I shouldn't be), and then, he CRIES of all things when Buffy says that he is "beneath" her, and I just wanted to RESCUE that BAD boy.

When he comes after Buffy with a shotgun but sees her crying and gets all sweet? What could be better than a bad boy with a secret sensitive poet side? Dude. Love him.

Ink said...

Oh, yeah. He rocks. Totally.

The Pop Culture conference usually has a Buffy panel. And the Whedon Association (card carrying member here) has a conference, though I'm not going and wish I were. Have you seen the online journal Slayage?

Ink said...

Oh! I can just give you the link! (Maybe I have a chip in my head, sheesh.)

Good Enough Woman said...

Oh, Ink. Awesome! Thank you for bringing me all the way into the Whedonverse.

Anonymous said...

We Whedonites have to stick together. :D