Sunday, March 21, 2010

Name that Painting


So I'm trying to find an image of a particular painting, and I can't remember the title of it. I think it's probably by a Victorian painter because it's such a great representation of the Cult of Domesticity.

In the painting, a woman and her children are posed (most or all of them in chairs, I think) in some kind of drawing room in front of a fire. I think there is an empty chair for the father, but he's not home. However, there is a picture of him on the wall, behind the family, and, in the picture, he's hunting, I think.

Anyone know this painting?


loveskidlit said...

Oh, I think that one's in the Longman anthology of Brit Lit... which I don't have at home. Or in my head, apparently!

The Joyous Scholar said...

All I can think of is Ford Maddox Brown's Waiting.

Jana@Attitude Adjustment said...

I don't know the painting, but you've definitely made it sound intriguing!

Good Enough Woman said...

LKL, I have the Longman, and it's not in there! Bugger.

Joyous, "Waiting" is a great one! But I'm thinking of a different one. The one I'm thinking of is a more formal portrait, not as sad as "Waiting." Thanks for commenting!

Jana, It is! Thanks for stopping by.