Friday, March 19, 2010

Everybody Off the Bus

I don't have much to offer you today since my sickness (laryngitis, cough, etc.), combined with several intense graded jags, seems to have fogged up my brain. The most profound thoughts I've had today are, "I'm still sick. I think I'll cancel class." and "Oh, look! It's sunny! The students will be stoked."

So, since I don't have anything clever for you, I'll just share something that the Girl said last night after she came out of the bathroom:

She said, "I just went poo, and the whole family came out of the bus!"

Interpret this metaphor how you will.

And enjoy the sunshine of your day. Or enjoy the "regularity" of your day. Whichever one is most lightening to your spirits.


Anonymous said...


get feelin better!

TKW said...

:) :) My little one always feels the need to elucidate re: the size of her poo. Good times.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

The Girl is frighteningly precocious in her expressive abilities. But, better out than in (words, bowel movements ...).


Hope the weekend is a more restful one so you can kick that bug to the curb!

Gaga said...

Yes, that's our girl:) Hope you are better. I think I'm getting it:(

Ink said...

Tee hee!

I hope you feel better, GEW! hugs!

loveskidlit said...

Scary bus!