Monday, April 5, 2010

Play By Play of Last Minute

33.7 seconds left.

Butler has the ball, down by one!

13.6 seconds to play. Time out: Butler.

(radio announcers are chatting, I'm having flashbacks to my college days at IU)

(while the radio announcers chat, I'll tell you that I took classes at Butler--violin, ballet--when I was a teenager; does that make me an alum?)

3.6 seconds. 2 free throws for Butler. No time outs left for Butler.

First one is good! Tie game!

Second one is missed!


Crap radio announcers! What?

It wasn't tied?


Butler lost?

How can this happen? We've all seen Hoosiers. We've all seen Breaking Away.

I mean, come ON, Universe!

edit to add//: Clearly, I was confused at the end of the game. I was listening to it on the radio with a lot of static, and I thought Butler was shooting the free throws. Actually, at first I thought Duke was doing it, but then Hubby said it was Butler. See that? See how I threw him under the bus?


Anonymous said...

There's about 10 lbs of sweat permanently bonded to my Duke shirt!!!! good grief, that last shot was a killer!

YAYYYYYYY DUKEEEEEE! Butler is a great team, and I didn't think it would be a wash like the announcer morons were ranting about pregame.

Good Enough Woman said...

So I was listening to it on the radio and got confused. Hubster thought Butler was shooting the free throws--but was it Duke? Seems like it must have been.

I was sad Butler didn't win, but I like Duke, too.

I miss my days of being a devoted college b-ball fan. Once I didn't have cable, it became difficult! And then Bobby Knight left IU . . .

Anonymous said...

Yes, Duke made a free throw to put them up 2. Then missed the 2nd free throw with seconds left. Butler inbounded it up the middle and made a halfcourt toss which would have won them the game if it went in, but it bounced off the rim and the buzzer sounded. I was on the edge of my seat. Damn good game.