Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Second Hand

I buy very few new clothes for myself. The last new pair of shoes I bought was a pair of boots for my birthday at the end of October*. The last new item of clothing I bought was for my cousin's wedding (I was the MOH) in early October.

Instead, I tend to buy things at second-hand shops. But even so, I haven't even purchased a second-hand item of clothing since, probably, January (which is when, I think, that I bought a $3.00 sweater at a local thrift shop run by a church).

But I think I might go shopping. And I think I might even step it up from the church thrift shop and go to a local consignment shop where things are cuter but cost a bit more (but are still quite inexpensive).

Why the splurge, you ask? Because I've lost about 5-7 pounds over the past several months, and I might celebrate with a new outfit.

I'm kind of surprised that I have lost weight. I haven't been exercising, and I haven't been keeping track of weight (since I don't own a scale). But I have been back at work, teaching every day, and recently I started to notice that some of my clothes were fitting better. So I weighed myself at my mom's and, "Voila!" Apparently, teaching every day and walking around campus burns more calories than sitting around all day reading and writing for my dissertation (as I did while on sabbatical), despite the fact that while I was on sabbatical, I took the dog for hikes and walks.

I'm also probably eating less since I've been busier. When I was on sabbatical, it was easy to eat three squares a day, with occasional afternoon snacks. Now, for meals, it's more like I have two triangles and one square a day--and fewer snacks.

I'd like to say that I've been eating healthier and exercising more, but, maybe I can add those factors in this summer. For now, I'm happy that a couple of pounds have fallen away. And I'm in the mood for a new skirt . . . Maybe I can find something second hand that looks like it came from the Sundance catalog . . .

*I once went two years without buying a pair of shoes. I just didn't really need any.

**I also rarely buy new clothes for the kids. We get so many hand-me-downs that I don't really need to, and, plus, I love the second hand stores for kids' clothes. For a while, my daughter talked about "The Hand Store" (her version of "second hand store") as if it were Neiman-Marcus. I'm not sure if she's figured out the difference yet. It's been many months since I've bought something new for them (also in October, I think), and I don't think I've even gotten them anything from the second hand store since December. But don't worry. They are not naked. In fact, they usually look quite nice! I admit, however, they they are both due for some shoes . . .


Contemporary Troubadour said...

Teaching totally whittled off some pounds for me when I went back to it! Just being in the classroom ups the metabolism, I'm willing to bet. You know, adrenaline and all that ...

Can't wait to see your pretty find. You *will* post a picture of it, won't you? :)

TKW said...

I used to love to shop, but now I just can't be bothered. It's kind of sad, really.

Congrats on the weight loss! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to hear what you buy!

loveskidlit said...

Unintentional weight loss? I had heard of it, but thought it was a myth!