Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

I am on spring break, which is otherwise known as "the teaching hiatus of my 18-week semester during which I catch up on grading."

I have several things on my "To Do" list:

  1. Grade stray essays
  2. Grade 50 argument essays
  3. Read for dissertation
  4. Write a little bit for dissertation (even five pages would be good)
  5. Read and prep Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
  6. Spruce up the house with some new towels and a new shower curtain
  7. Spring Clean, and, most importantly
  8. Have fun with family, and
  9. Drink gin and tonics before 3:30 in the p.m.
So far, I've done about 7-8 essays, a little bit of dissertation reading, and have had some family fun. Right now I'm drinking a gin and tonic and it's 3:39pm.

Not too shabby.

But I only have a little bit of time for work left since the we're heading to Ojai for a few days at the end of the week. I've heard that Ojai charming. I'm just hoping that it's warm enough for the kids to swim, bike, and picnic.


Contemporary Troubadour said...

Not too shabby at all :)

Yay for new towels and shower curtain. What colors are you going for? And gin and tonics -- have an extra one for me! I'm *still* waiting for this moratorium on alcohol to be lifted.

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, I'm not sure. Our bathroom is grey and white. I was thinking of maybe something with stripes--grey and something more lively. I'm going to need to do some browsing. But I'm not sure I'll get to scratch it off the list during break. Time is dwindling.

And extra G & T for you? You GOT it, CT. It's the least I can do. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved how my shower curtains brought my bathroom together. I love fresh white towels, I think they brighten up any bathroom!

Enjoy that Gin & Tonic!

TKW said...

The only enjoyable things on that list are Dr. J and Mr. Hyde and the GIN! Drink lots of gin!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Oo! Such a canvas waiting to be played with, that bathroom! Grey with a bold red stripe for the curtain? Or softer spring green and yellow? Or ... or ... okay, I'd better quit before I scare you off the decision. I just get excited about decorating (you know how it is over at my place).

Ink said...

I hope you have a FABULOUS spring break!

Can't wait to hear about Ojai! All I know about it is what I saw on Brothers & Sisters...

loveskidlit said...

Oooh, G and Ts. It's been ages... the grading will keep!

Anonymous said...

Ojai is charming. They have a killer spa there with a lovely mud treatment thing that is the bomb-diggity.