Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Break--Inception Style?

Yesterday evening I worked on a workshop presentation.

Today, I worked on a syllabus.

And so it begins. Sigh.

I wonder if, in the future, I could do summers at a deeper level of my subconscious so that they will last exponentially longer than they do at my current level of consciousness?*

*Seen that movie yet? I didn't like it as much as other people seemed to.


heu mihi said...

What movie? Evidently not.

I am waaaay out of touch with movies.

I've been working on syllabi all week. Torture! And yet, I can't stop! Sigh.

English Adjunct said...

Haha, I wish things would work like that.

H.M.- The movie is "Inception." And my husband and I really liked it...we have seen it twice!

Dr. No said...

Perhaps that idea has already been planted...did I appear in your dreams last night?

(I dug the movie)

C. Troubadour said...

Inception was the first movie I'd seen in a theater since, like, January. So there were no recent big-screen experiences to compare it to. I enjoyed the ride -- largely for the reasons in the second-to-last paragraph of this article.

I've always been a sucker for fourth-wall disruption; maybe that's what's getting me :)

The Steel Magnolia said...

For the entire summer, I've only seen free kids' movies. My syllabi . . . well, they are waiting patiently for my children to go to school so that I can pay attention to them.
"Inception" sounds like something I don't have the energy to think about.

Good Enough Woman said...

Heu, hang in there! Are you making big changes? Or fiddling incessantly? I always do both.

EA, Maybe I need to see it twice to get full appreciation! I think I liked the first half best.

Dr. No, Oooohhhh, so that was YOU! Now I get it.

CT, I'll have to check out that article (when I'm not rushing to get ready for the children's craft fair this morning).

SM, Your kids start school before you do? Bonus! I start August 16. They start the 26th. And hubby doesn't start until Sept. 20!

Academic, Hopeful said...

Could you even hear much, apart from the 'Boom, boom' film score? I really enjoyed it, but had a bit too much of an Ocean's Eleven feel to be an awesome mindbuster. I needed the characters to be a bit more feral so that I could feel smarter working it out.

Good Enough Woman said...

AH, I think that's why I liked the first half best--it dealt with the mind-bending stuff, the architecture, etc. The last part seemed very loud. Even hubby thought the last part was too focused on shooting and noise and not enough on the mind-bending. Was it a book first? If so, might be a good read.