Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This One is for the Losties

Okay. So Hubs and I are about halfway through Season Six of Lost, which we're watching on Netflix. We are thrilled to be getting some answers. I think that maybe I actually know who is good and who is evil!


Last night, after watching an episode, I got in bed and opened my book. Well, actually, I turned on my Kindle, but still. So I turned on the Kindle, and the first words on the page were this:

"I'll take care of him, Jacob. You have my word on that."

What?! The island is infiltrating my book. Cool.

BTW, the book is called The Passage, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's a giant novel by a guy, Justin Cronin, who (according to my friend who recommended the book) mostly wrote sleepy literary fiction in the past. But then he woke up one day and decided to write a vampire novel.

The book is kind of a cross between The Stand, The Road, and Dracula--all of which I think are great.


English Adjunct said...

I think your kindle was telling you that YOU MUST GO BACK TO THE ISLAND!

My husband and I are also just now watching LOST on Netflix and we are also about halfway through the sixth season! Pretty good, and I wish I would have watched it when it was actually on TV.

loveskidlit said...

Hubby and I are still making our way through. I wasn't prepared to invest in the series until I knew it ended! But I like that it has spilled over onto your kindle...

C. Troubadour said...

Hmm, which to add first -- Lost to Netflix queue or The Passage to library request list?

(Oh, who am I kidding; there's a library book already on the kitchen table that needs reading first, and two Netflix discs that need watching.)

Speaking of movie recommendations, we just finished The Eye of the Leopard (National Geographic documentary narrated by Jeremy Irons -- seriously could not the image of Scar out of my head the whole time I was watching). If the kiddos like big kitties and monkeys and impalas, this was pretty cool. It actually has a story as well, not just "and here we see the warthog, rooting about with its young ..."

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

SHUSH!! I haven't seen ONE episode of the last season.