Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Good Kind of Day

I had my first meeting with my primary supervisor today. We mostly just sorted out some bureaucratic stuff and then had lunch. On Thursday, we'll meet to discuss my chapter draft, and Friday we'll talk about the article revision. After our meeting today, I had great fun in the library with old newspaper archives (digital versions, which are less cool but also less dusty). Then I stopped by my favorite charcuterie to stock up for the hotel room: Olives, almonds (the kind with oil and salt), Bread, Manchego, An awesome local cheese, and An awesome Spanish white wine. I also have a couple of bananas, some trail mix, and leftover chocolate mousse in the mini-fridge. I'm set! Oh, and thanks be to Bacchus for the return of the screw top. Airport security confiscated my corkscrew. My only challenge now? To keep working for a couple of hours before I relax. (edit://Whoops! I forgot that the iPad isn't doing paragraphs, so I'd better go back and stick in some commas.)


Amstr said...

That sounds like such a lovely day! I hope the rest of the days go at least as well.

I always have trouble getting work done on those trips. Just the meetings end up being exhausting (even when they're good) so I barely get notes written about what next. All that to say, I admire your sticktoitiveness.

Happy relaxing!

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Thanks for the update! Enjoy!

C. Troubadour said...

TSA took your corkscrew? I'd never have imagined that would be a problem. It's a blunt piece of squiggly metal! Unless yours had the little blade attached to cut off the label ... hmm.

In any case, yay for screw-top wine bottles! :D. Your stock of nibbles sounds divine and perfect for a working getaway at a castle.

CK said...

It sounds like a movie montage of Scholar Working. Love it!

Good Enough Woman said...

Yes, it was the little blade to remove the foil that concerned TSA!

Anonymous said...

Next time I am soooo squishing myself into your suitcase. I'll even pay for the extra weight charge! I will cut TSA if they disturb me.