Thursday, October 15, 2009

The God-Pod

Let's move on from that last post, shall we? I've realized that the title is very disturbing.

So, over a year ago, my husband helped his friend move. As a result, he received an old i-Pod from his friend's fiance. It had belonged to her old boyfriend, and she didn't want it anymore because didn't suit her tastes and because it was an unnecessary reminder of the ex.

This i-Pod has over 3,000 songs, and my husband dubbed it the God-Pod because of the quantity of songs along with the nature of the music. We have found it to be a great road trip companion.

Just today, as I drove into town (to bring in hubby's leather satchel, which he left by the front door) and back, the following artists popped up on shuffle play:

Elton John
The Presidents of the United States of America
Michael Jackson
Alice in Chains
Elvis Costello
English Beat
Neil Young (live)
Rod Stewart
The Go-Gos
Lucinda Williams
Quiet Riot
Culture Club
Escape Club

I'm forgetting some of the others, and it's worth mentioning that I skipped some of the songs (but I did not skip Quiet Riot, oh no I did not). That is one problem with the God-Pod: you sometimes have to skip stuff. But occasionally, I'll be driving along and, suddenly, T'Pau is playing, and I'm like, "OMG, it's T'Pau!"

The other problem is that it doesn't seem to have much music from the past 10 years. But if you went to high school in the 80s? You'd love the G-Pod.

Finally, does this picture of Quiet Riot (circa 2002) disturb you as it does me?


Ink said...
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Ink said...

Great line up. Feeling like I need a God Pod now! Please!

Dr. No said...

Whoa. That picture is disturbing. INXS...that brings back some funny memories.

TKW said...

That I-Pod RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture is hilarious!