Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moon Pies and Marriage

I just ate a Moon Pie. The only bad thing about my Moon Pie was that it was a mini-Moon Pie. I wish I had more.

I got the Moon Pie pie from one of the Out-of-Town bags (fondly known as OOT bags) lovingly prepared by the Thirty-Something Bride for her OOT guests. As we check into the hotel, were were given the OOT bag, which contained all manners of schwag, the best of which was the bottled water and the Moon Pie. There was only one Moon Pie, so I kept it for myself, saving it for today when I was home alone while the kiddies are at school and the hubby is at work. Don't feel bad for them. They have never had a Moon Pie and have no idea that they have missed something grand.

The wedding was absolutely fabulous, and I did my best to serve the beautiful bride as her MOH (a.k.a. Matron of Honor, or "Mo" if you prefer). Mostly, it was just great to see her wedded to her tall, charming, and funny Southern man--to see her so happy.

As for the travel with the kids? They were fantastic and totally up to the challenge. Granted, their brains have turned into a yellow, spongy matter from all of the Sponge Bob they watched, but that's really not so different from the pre-Sponge Bob state of their brains, so I guess they are fine. Oh, and there was also all that candy. And now I'm thinking about this.

Tomorrow, I begin dissertation work in earnest. I mean it. I have two months to crank out a chapter (after I research it first), draft an article, submit and write a conference paper*, and generally figure out what the hell I'm doing. Sounds promising, no?

And now I have to leave my cozy little Moon Pie moment and face the coastal winter storm (i.e., rain and wind) to go gather my little ones from their respective schools. Although I love seeing their little faces when I pick them up, I wish I could hunker down for a few hours of rainy day research. But that will have to wait for tomorrow.

*Although if it is not accepted, I won't have to write it. Sounds win-win to me!


Ink said...

Happy Moon Pie Moment! Sounds like you all had a great trip, too. That's wonderful. And best of luck on your dissertating. You are going to rock it, GEW. Herkies for you.

ER Doc said...

Best of luck with the paper. Of course they'll accept it! Enjoy those smiling faces; they grow up fast. My baby (of three) is now a sophomore at UW-Madison.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Moon Pie! What an awesome inclusion in the Out-of-Town bags. I think the last time I had one of those things was when I was in middle school.

I wonder, is the Moon Pie a relative of the Whoopie Pie? My sister made some for her boyfriend out of the Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook, and they sounded quite similar in construction.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

You only got ONE Moon Pie? I wonder how that happened? There were plenty of Mini Moon Pies to go around. Hm. I shall rectify that issue immediately.

To Comtemp Troub: Moon Pies are made with two graham crackers and marshmallow filling and then are dipped in chocolate (they have other varieties, but they suck). They are a traditional Southern goodie, best served with an RC Cola.
Whoopie Pies are from New England/Pennsylvania Dutch country. They have chocolate cake-like layers. The filling is a cream based one.

I think the only similarity is that they look kind of the same.

The Mo did a fab job and The Girl was an amazing Flower Girl. She was so cute it killed.

TKW said...

I have never eaten a Moon Pie. Am I missing something amazing?

Congrats on your well-behaved children during travel...since I have NEVER had this happen to me, I can only imagine the elation.

And you will ROCK the dissertation chapter--you will!

Good Enough Woman said...

Sounds like we need a Moon Pie party. But I have to admit, I can't really father the idea of an RC Cola along with my Moon Pie. I worry my teeth would immediately fall out from the sugar-acid combo (I have notoriously weak teeth).

Ink, Thanks for the herkies! (But you should be resting.)

ER Doc, Thanks for stopping by!

CT, See TSB's comment. :)

TSB, I loved being your Mo! And, yes, the Girl was a shining beacon of cuteness--no doubt. And what about the Presidential Boy!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Ah ha! Thank you for clarifying, TSB. And congratulations!!!

Louise said...

I'm home from the Moon. Sometimes in the near future, Moon Pies are coming your way. Party down.