Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa

(From the Boy to Santa [see illustrated version above]*)

To Santu,

For crismis I wont

  1. The dome habutat.
  2. Trieops.
  3. The fac venis flichrap.
  4. This haBtat and net ---->
  5. Bug wlld.
  6. Helcoptr and aer craft carier.
  7. Bug braslit.

(From the Girl to Santa--as told to GEW):

Sear Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause,

I hope you catch this letter because if you don't, I would be so sad about it.

I want the Original Barbie, a bottle for Bitty Baby, and some diapers for Bitty Baby. I also want a toy ice cream set and the makeup set with lights.

I also want a new ballerina suit and a tiara, and a Glitzy Getup dress-up set. I would also like Tubtime Pirates and Kitty Corner Playmates.

You can not give me some of it. I won't care.

Have a Happy Christmas. I hope everything is easy for you. Have an easy and fun Christmas.

The Girl

*I found my camera! Well, actually, hubby found it on the floor behind the bongo drums while looking for his battery charger, but he didn't even know he'd found it because he thought it was his helmet cam. Then when I went over to show it to him, I spotted his battery charger. Which was all followed by much rejoicing, thankfulness, and self-congratulation.

P.S. If you haven't checked it out yet (and I'm sure most of you have), go see the Mall Santa hilarity over at Chez Kitchen Witch.


Anonymous said...

The boy is a naturalist! w00t! The girl DOES NOT HAVE A TIARA?!

I love the "I won't care" pffffft.

TKW said...

You are too cute, as are those letters.

But do I spy, on boy's list...
#4. chrap


Good Enough Woman said...

JC, A naturalist, indeed. That was his Halloween costume last year. Seriously. And the girl currently has a broken tiara that sits atop her dresser amid much other detritus.

TKW, Good eye! Yes, I had to translate for my husband that "chrap" was the extension to "fli" as in flichrap or "flytrap." Won't the boy be surprised if he gets actual chrap! See, I'm right when I say, "SPELLING COUNTS!" (But I only say that to my students. To the boy, I say, "Awesome job, Buddy!" I'm working on building that sense of entitlement and esteem that rest on nothing but parental puffery.)

baxie said...

Super awesome!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

The Boy and Girl know what they want! I love it. And I'm so amused that the girl is already couching her requests amidst polite wishes that the person she's writing to have an easy time this holiday. She's going to do well in Social Niceties 101 when she gets out in the real world :)

loveskidlit said...

I love the illustration on The Boy's note. Just to make sure Santa gets the full picture? Lovely wish lists.

Word verification: pines. aka: desires, longs for, writes to Santa about...

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I love how "trap" is spelled "chrap." This may be my new way to spell "crap." The Candyman and I think we need to stop swearing. Here is what we have come up with:
Motherfucker (a fave) = motherfornicator OR mothereffer
Fuckin' shit = fornicatin' scat
Fucking Asshole = Fornicating rectum (substituting anus is totally acceptable).
What do you think?