Thursday, December 10, 2009

Which way? Which Way?

I considered boring you with a "To Do" list, but there are so many different things to put on it that I really don't have time to type it. The short version:

By Saturday, I must . . .

Finish Christmas shopping, shipping, wrapping
Finish drafting a conference paper
Serve as a judge for a poetry contest (i.e., read poems and meet with other judges)
Clean the house
Take care of various time-dated bill and insurance type things (bleh)
Pack the family (dog included) for the big road trip to Colorado

Oh, look! I bored you with a "To Do" list after all!


Contemporary Troubadour said...

Would it make you laugh if I told you that three of the six items are on my list as well? Four if you count packing me and D for the two-plus weeks of travel -- no pet, though. Wish we were taking Simone with us.

I just mailed WAY too many cards to international relatives. Amazingly, the line at the post office wasn't too bad.

Ink said...

Oh my! That's quite a list. Let's pare that down a little.

1. How about delete clean the house? Because, given the trip, you won't be there to see anything you don't like. So that lightens it up a little.

2. Shop at amazon and have them gift wrap and send. Yes, it costs a few bucks to have things gift wrapped but if you only choose items where shipping is free, then you save money there.

3. Give hubby the bills and insurance things.

4. Ask everyone to pack themselves for the trip so you only have to do you and doggie rather than all family and doggie.

There you go! Good luck with all!

baxie said...

Judging a poetry contests sounds like an activity in one of the middling circles of Dante's hell.

Anonymous said...

I can pare it down even more.

Packing the family+dog IS cleaning the house.

Amazon ships stuff in a box. Save wrapping paper - just stick the box under the tree.


loveskidlit said...

It's Friday... hope the "good enough" principle prevailed in every item! "Eh..." Have fun in CO!

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, Good for you for getting out Christmas cards. I, alas, did not.

Ink, I have to clean the house just a little bit in order to find what we need for the trip. Also, it seems that whenever we're out of town, someone calls our cell phones to ask if they can stay at our house. Fine by us, but I don't want to be embarrassed. Plus, isn't it nice to come home to a clean house?

I did, in fact, do some Amazon shopping today. Voila!

Hubby is grading math finals and thus is unavailable until tomorrow (Saturday).

As for everyone packing themselves, wouldn't that be funny?

Baxie, Ha! Yes, it was pretty funny. One of the judges kept reading lines from poems and then saying, "I HATE that." But we found an acceptable winner.

JC, Ah, yes, but when we move put the dog crate in the car, where do we put all the crap that was sitting on top of the dog crate?

LKL, Yes, the "good enough" principle is in action. The house will be only sort of clean. I'm not sending Christmas cards. I didn't finish drafting the paper. Oh, but I should go right this minute to do the life insurance stuff!