Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trip Log: Barf Edition

Day One of Giant Road-Trip:

8:20am: Departure! This is a record for us.
8:25am: Return some library books.
8:30am: Back to house to retrieve Pink Panther DVD (it is a staple for road trips, and regular readers will remember that the Girl one claimed that God is the Pink Panther, but I can't find that particular blog entry to provide a link for you).
8:35am: Dropped some mail into U.S. Mail box.
8:40am: Starbucks.
8:57am: Driving!
Noon: McDonald's playland in Tehachapi. The boy is sad that there is no snow (as in previous year).
1:10: Back on road.
5:15pm: Arrive in Kingman, AZ without any stops!
5:30pm: Family swim at the Comfort Inn indoor pool.
9:00pm: Dinner delivered.
10:15ish: Kids and hubby in bed. Son and hubby asleep. Daughter watches me read.

Day Two:

6:30am: Kids awake. (Whaa?)
6:50am: I take kids to free continental breakfast and loiter in the breakfast room so hubster can sleep.
8:30am: Waking up hubby. Kids watch Sponge Bob while I read The Glass Castle.
9:15am: Hubby and kids swim while I shower and pack up.
11:07am: Hit the road.
1:00pm (ish)--lunch in Flagstaff.
2:30ish: Hit the road.
3:30pm: Take Griswold-like detour to see Meteor Crater, which is actually quite cool, in spite of the exorbitant entrance fee.
4:30pm: Hit the road.
6:30pm: Gas up in Gallup, NM. Kids are watching October Sky.
8:00pm: Boy begins to complain of a headache and a stomachache.
8:30pm: Boy is really uncomfortable. We tell him to hang in there. Only about an hour to Durango. I, of course, ask if he's nauseous, but since the boy hasn't barfed in 3.5 years, he has no idea.
8:47pm: Hubby asks boy if we need to stop. Boy says "no" but starts coughing. I say, "Yeah, pull over, pull over. The coughing means . . .

Barfing begins. Hubby pulls over. Barfing continues. Cleaning ensues.

9:15pm: Back on the road. Boy has the dog's food bowl in his lap. Which he uses.
9:25pm: Boy falls asleep with bowl of barf in his lap. Girl is also asleep now.
9:30pm: We pull over to empty bowl, and soon cross into Colorado.
10:00ish: Voila! We make it the the Doubletree in Durango. And we make it upstairs before boy barfs again.
10:30pm: Kids asleep. Room service closed for the night. Hubster and I eat saltine crackers for dinner, followed by port, chocolate, and an episode of House Hunters on cable. No more barfing, thank the Pink Panther!


Ink said...

Oh my! The end doesn't sound like too much fun for anyone. Hope that Boy is feeling MUCH better now. And hope that the rest of your trip does not require dog bowls for the humans.

Bavardess said...

Oh no! Traveling with kids is tough at the best of times. Lucky you had the dog's bowl, though. I hope it was just a short-term travel sickness thing and nothing contagious.

baxie said...

That sounds atrocious!
Good luck.

and here's the Pink God post for your records...

TKW said...

Oh no! I have had several barfing road trips and they are just miserable!

I hope that is the end of the barfs for the holiday season!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Poor Boy! Hope his tummy settles down and that the rest of the trip goes without incident.

We've been cleaning cat barf for days here. You (and the car) have my sympathies!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

What is up with you and your kids barfing on the road? Are the car sick prone? I just don't get it.

--ginger.. said...


loveskidlit said...

Hope it's all past tense by now! Well done for making it, with dog bowl and saltines to look forward to. Stock up on the port...

Anonymous said...

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Good Enough Woman said...

Glad to report the barfing was gone by the next day! TSB, No, they are not especially car sick prone, and my kids are big barfers, but with kids in general, barfing happens. It can be mysterious and of uncertain cause.