Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Although my mom cooked the Thanksgiving dinner (thanks, Mom!), I did make this last week. I used it for burritos the first night, and then I made enchiladas for guests with the leftovers the next night. Muy easy, and muy bueno.

And then I made these on T-giving day, and everyone loved them. And they were especially easy since I have a giant rosemary bush in the front yard.

And I also made this, but I accidentally left it on high while we all when to the beach, so the corn got rubbery. And I didn't have cayenne pepper, so I tried to substitute, but in general, I just didn't get the spices right. I will try again.

And now I have the ingredients to make this, which I will do this week. I'm thinking of doing it today, but I really need to get busy reading The Hermit in English Literature: The Beginning to 1660 by Charles P. Weaver, so, you know, I have competing obligations.

But thanks to all of my bloggy friends for the recipes! My family thanks you, too.


TKW said...

How great! Enjoy your time in the kitchen! Play some music, maybe...Shaun Cassidy, dare I suggest?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the foodies got to me too. I'm having a food festival in my kitchen this week too.
Booze. your kitchen needs Booze more than Cassidy for that added flavor!

Ink said...

Yay! Hooray for you!

I'm thinking that I may do some kitchen playing over the holiday break...so let me know how that Shaun Cassidy works out for you. :)

loveskidlit said...

Looks yummy! My MIL lives next door, which is usually awful, but comes in handy when there's cooking to be done!