Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News and Bad News: Eyeball Edition

The Good News: The retina is neither torn nor detached in my left eyeball! Herkies everyone!

The Bad News: The doctor thinks I have Central Serous Retinopathy in said Left Eyeball.

The Good News: It's not very serious. In most cases it goes away. But sometimes it doesn't. Here is the doctor's assessment: "If you were a farmer riding around on the back of a tractor, looking out over your fields, you'd probably never notice. But because of what you do, it's going to bug the hell out of you." I'm hoping for the "it goes away" outcome since, indeed, it does bug the hell out of me.

The Bad News: On another note, I probably need to get some "multi-focal" glasses or reading glasses. I think I'll go for the reading glasses since I think I really only need them in the evening when I sit down for intensive reading sessions. I do okay during the daytime. But it will be a pain switching back and forth. I'll have to take off my reading glasses and put on my regular glasses just to go in the kitchen to get get my port and chocolate.

The Good News: The doctor dilated my left eye, thus rendering my vision (even more) blurry for the evening, thus giving me a great excuse for not grading essays.

The Bad News: I'll have to tote said essays around for a couple of more days, thus delaying my ability to work on my conference paper.

The Good News: Four days weekend! WOOT!


Gaga said...

The bad news could be way worse, so I will celebrate the good news:) It is the way I cope.

Ink said...

Aw, GEW. I'm sorry that you have that condition. Can they fix it or is it only treatable via lenses?

But I'm SO glad that you don't have a detached retina!!!

And I'm sorry that you didn't get to grade those essays. Or maybe I should be saying I'm glad about that. I'm confused.

But in any case, I wish you ALL of the best stuff and NONE of the worst stuff. *hugs*

loveskidlit said...

A balanced perspective: one side for each eyeball. Well done!

Sorry about the condition. But I think I like the sound of your eye doc.

Anonymous said...

I promise that if I ever go through with gouging my eyes out, I'll mail them to you.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Four day weekend, woo HOO!! Lucky GEW.

Sorry to hear about the eye condition :P. Hmm, where do you do your reading at night? In the World of Ideal Solutions, I'm picturing a chair-height wine rack. And a nice surface on top where GEW can put her glass and a special box of chocolates. Sort of like this! No need to get up if it's all right there ...


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Oh, I'm having visuals of you walking around with multiple sets of glasses on your face, head and hanging around your neck. It's awesome.