Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Regarding the Tweezers

Dear Family,

Perhaps you don't remember my previous declaration about the tweezers. In case you've forgotten, I made a strong declaration that the good tweezers needed to remain in my bathroom drawer. Since that declaration, I've purchased at least two new tweezers. But do I have tweezers in my drawer?

No. It kind of reminds me of my experiences with my Back in Black cassette tape in high school. How many times did I purchase it? How many times did it disappear out of my car?

Anyhoo, about the tweezers: Once again, they've wandered off, most likely used to remove a splinter or to grab the lizard's superworms at feeding time.

Granted, some of this might be my fault. Perhaps I employed the tweezers and didn't think to put them back in my drawer after the crying ended from the splinter. Also, to tell the truth, I don't think I want the superworm tweezers back.

But I need your help. The chin hairs have gotten long again.

Therefore, I am going to buy another pair of good tweezers. And I'm going to put them in my drawer. If you see them out of my drawer, please put them back or at least remind me to retrieve them. If we do not pull together on this issue, I will start to look like Daddy.


Contemporary Troubadour said...

Amazing how many uses tweezers can have! I have the scissor-looking kind (not the ones that have a spring-type hinge joining the two sides at the end). What's your preference?

Ink said...

I feel you! Am having mine lasered so that I don't go insane trying to keep up with the chinscaping. Worth every penny.

But more to the issue here: you may need to install a Tweezer Alarm System.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I stopped fighting this battle (mine involves a less expensive item: chapstick) and just purposely bought 80 million chapsticks and have left them all over the house, in multiple purses, my car and work. If you ever need chapstick, I'm the go-to girl.

J. Harker said...

Oh, tweezers. So simple, yet so ridiculously useful.

Mole hair? Check.
Splinter? Check.
Unibrow? Check.
Bee stinger? Check.
Seed tick? Check. Unfortunately.

Gaga said...

For years I did not understand how one could not find their glasses. Mine needed to be on my head at all times, so no chance of misplacing them. Now I need them only for tweezing or other meticulous tasks. Do I have glasses where I need them? Nope.

TKW said...

As I age, the tweezers become increasingly paramount. That ONE random black chin hair that grows over night has grown siblings.

Just start carrying a pair of tweezers in your back pocket...

Anonymous said...

The solution I've always wanted to try is "the bankers chain" - that little ball chain that tethers the inkpens to the counters at the bank.

I'd like a little metal leash to permanently attach the tweezers to my bathroom sink, the scissors to the kitchen drawer, and the stapler to the desk.

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, I tend to use the squeezy kind!

Ink, Good suggestions both.

TSB, Yes. I think I'll need to go with that strategy.

JH, Oh, I hate ticks. Hate them. And when they attempt to burrow into my children? I hate them even more.

Gaga, I talked to the eye doctor today about getting some "reading only" glasses for the evening. Let the losing of glasses begin.

TKW, Not a bad suggestion, but I'm envisioning some problems with butt punctures.

AP, Brilliant! And the pen by the phone . . .

loveskidlit said...

Hm. Eye glasses they make necklaces for. Magnifying glasses, flash keys, regular keys, and pens: ditto. So why not tweezers? I think there's a niche market.

Bardiac said...

I'm thinking the tweezers on a necklace will look a lot like other handy tools people used to have necklaces for, and that may cause eyebrows to raise at work, no?

Good Enough Woman said...

LKL, I like your idea, but Bardiac makes a fair point. Perhaps I could attach feathers to the tweezers to increase all of the eyebrow raising? Maybe even pin the whole contraption to my hair?