Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watch Your Language

The California State Assembly passed a resolution declaring the first week of March a "Cuss Free Week" in California. We'll see if the state senate passes it, too. (Who says government doesn't get anything done?)

So, since this blog originates in California, next week you gotta keep it clean people. Capice?


Dr. No said...

Got it. Can we have a list of alternative words? My vocab is very limited.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Fuck that.


TKW said...

Sheeeeee-iiiiiit! No cussin' for a month? Outrageous!

baxie said...

I'll try and stick to foreign epithets next week.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

I'm laughing at the responses preceding mine. Foreign epithets sound like a fun challenge.

I had to watch my language VERY closely while I was teaching middle school -- this girl, as my sisters will tell you, has a mouth on her. But I think the training will be good for parenthood ... ?

Good Enough Woman said...

Dr. No, you surprise me with your compliance.

TSB, That's my girl.

TKW, It's just a week, sweetie.

Baxie, Do those count? Is there a rulebook, like in Scrabble?

CT, Definitely good training--if you don't want tiny cussers. I'm not much of a cusser myself, so it hasn't been too tough for me, especially since the kids usually aren't around if I'm drinking or rowdy (which is when I can drop a few f-bombs).