Monday, February 15, 2010

Census: Chez GEW

One male human adult
One female human adult
One male human child
One female human child
One male dog
One female bearded dragon
Approx. ten tadpoles of unknown sex and various levels of development
One "Grow-a-Frog" whose sex is yet to be determined
One male Betta fish
One juvenile western fence lizard (probably male)
Two ant farms (one homemade sand version, one store-bought gel colony)
One worm farm (store-bought worms)
Several superworms (dragon food)*
One triops (or is that triop?)
A couple of ladybugs

Looks like we need a kitten!

* Remember that demon guy on Buffy who would turn into worms? Those were superworms, folks. And they are creepy. And they bite.

**You may also be interested in this, especially if you are concerned about some of these creatures being in our home (esp. those that are temporary residents).


baxie said...

oh thanks, now I totally want a gel ant farm!


Gaga said...

And if the boy brought all the stuff he keeps at my house to YOUR house, my kitchen would look a lot better and you would need two kittens to balance out all that:)

Imagine that boy without his creatures!

TKW said...

Jeez, and I'm overwhelmed with just Harryboy and Twinkle the gay hamster! You have a house full!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Kittens! Hmm, that would indeed change the ecosystem a little ;). This is an impressive census. I claim one foster cat -- oh wait, she got adopted before I could even mention her over at my place, so no cat.

And wait, TKW, Twinkle the gay hamster??? Where oh where on your blog is a story about THAT?

Good Enough Woman said...

Bax, Oh you should get one!

Gaga, I know. As it is, I never know what do with all of the crafts and creatures that come back from your house.

TKW, Twinkle the gay hamster? I agree with CT. Sounds like a blog topic in waiting. Not that you should cook him . . .

CT, Are you getting new foster kitties any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a bench for observers? and a corn dispenser? and a 12:30 show for children under the age of 5?

It's the GEW ZOO.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

The SHS was in touch with us within half a day of our most recent foster kitty getting adopted, asking us to take another! (They've gotten to know us and our DIY marketing skills for their furry charges.) So once I get back, there will be another kitty, the fourth since we started doing this in September :)