Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Group Fail

Okay, well, I haven't actually failed yet.

I am supposed to read the first 200 pages of Don Quixote for our next meeting, but I'm only on page 25 or so, and the meeting is tomorrow.

It's not that I don't like DQ. So far, I think it's quite funny, and it's interesting for me to think about it as contemporary with Spenser's FQ. Also, I'm so stoked to have a book with a plot (even an episodic one), especially after some of the recent books for book group that were extremely light on plot unity. But I'm only a little ways into the book because it's hard to find the time to read between cleaning closets, working on the dissertation, reading the first Stephanie Plum book, and re-watching Season 3 of Lost in the evenings with hubby*.

I know. I'm such a philistine.

Right now, I'm at a coffee shop, with a scone and chai latte, working on the dissertation, and Don Quixote is here on the table, just looking at me like one of those Geico money stacks with the googly eyes.

No matter. Back to Eliza Haywood and Book 18 of The Female Spectator. With my scone and latte.

*After we watch Season Three, we'll re-watch Season Four. We have already re-watched Season Five. We're preparing for the release of Season Six on DVD in August. We have not yet watched any of Season Six, so no spoilers, please! Also, in light of all of this, we've taken a break from Buffy, which is okay, because when we hit Season Six of Buffy, we got kinda burned out. Did this happen to any other Buffy fans?


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Your book group is taking on Don Quixote? Wow. That's a book group with some stamina. I had no idea 1000-page Renaissance books were game in book clubs. It's a hilarious read, but perhaps overwhelming for leisure-time activity. Good luck with your writing!

courtney said...

Don't feel bad...I've only read about 40 pages. I've got to get going on this! p.s. i like it too.

Good Enough Woman said...

Fie, it's a book group made up mostly of English profs and lecturers, and we (they) pick some pretty heady stuff. In the summers, we try to do a classic that some of the group member have read. This summer, the group was trending toward reading Moby Dick. Glad THAT got derailed. Once was enough for me. And I think we might only do Book One of DQ.

Court, I'm hoping to catch up a bit before tonight! Can't wait to see you!