Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clever Analysis or Closing Argument?

So I'm 30 pages into the "chapter" draft that I'm working on, and I'll need to do at least five more before I do some basic editing and revising and send it to my supervisor. The good thing is that she is willing to read really rough drafts and give me very helpful feedback without making it sound like I'm an ignorant tool.

But as I was writing, I started realizing that what I was writing seemed less like a detailed, sophisticated analysis and more like a desperate closing argument. What I mean is that I was making an argument about my author that, to me, seems important and right on target (of course). And in the writing I was focusing really hard on just laying out the case with evidence. I think it might come across as if I'm just doing a lot of shouting and pointing. But, hey, it's a place to start, right?

My bigger concern is that my supervisor will say, "Um, exactly how does this relate in any way to the other 'chapter' drafts you've submitted?"


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Don't think about it in relation to the other chapters. Just work on what you've got there, pound out a draft, and then worry about making it tie to the rest of the piece in the end. You mainly need to get an argument out. Revision will be so much easier if you have a full draft and can give yourself a couple of days away from it.

Glad you're making some progress!! Keep up the good work.

C. Troubadour said...

"Um, exactly how does this relate in any way to the other 'chapter' drafts you've submitted?"

I have the exact same thought about my work every time I send it in to my advisor! Makes for a lot of writer's angst. I say Fie has good advice -- sometimes trying to think too globally about the writing just bogs down the process. And who knows, your advisor may see the connections on her own (or even suggest more).

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks for the reassuring feedback!