Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nose to the Grindstone

I just kissed the kids and hubby goodbye so that I can stay home and work on my dissertation while they go camping for the night somewhere up around Big Sur. I am slightly mollified by the fact that we are calling this trip a "recon mission" and in a couple of weeks, we'll all go together on the "real" camping trip*.

I am not mollified, however, by how quickly the summer is flying by. I still have a bazillion chores to do. And remember that 20 pages of academic writing that I wanted to finish by mid-June? I'm only 16 pages in. So it's nose to the grindstone today, tonight, and tomorrow so that I can finish up something and send it off (which is difficult to do since it's not really "finished"). You're probably all snorting at my silly 16 pages, aren't you?

It shouldn't be too hard focus on work today since it's foggy and 57 degrees out, which is pretty much the norm these days. Although I must say that yesterday was beautiful--sunny and high 60s or maybe even 70--which was great because it was our anniversary. My mom had the kids--thanks, Mom!--so we had a leisurely morning over the newspaper, and then we walked to a great little Thai place for lunch, and then we hit the farmer's market on the way home, where hubby bought me a bracelet, a necklace, and some flowers.

Okay, enough recounting of leisure time. It's time to dissertate.

*I feel so much like the un-fun wet blanket of the family, and I worry that the kids will forget all of the things I did with them and only remember the things I didn't. Family reunions will go like this, "Hey, Mom, remember that one time when we were camping and . . . Oh, that's right, you weren't there."

[Edit to add:// If I get enough work finished before dinner, I might watch a movie. Any good recommendations--chick flicks or otherwise--that are available on Netflix instant play?]

[Edit again:// Five pages written, so I'm at page 21! Good progress. Also, I know where to start tomorrow for at least five additional pages, perhaps more. Also, no word from hubby in the kids. I'm sure they can't call me because they don't have phone coverage, but I hate not knowing where they are while also knowing that they can't call someone if they need to. Very unsettling. Do any phone carriers specialize in deep woods cell coverage? Bah. I hope worrying won't keep me from sleeping. Maybe I'll have an extra glass of port after dinner.]


J. Harker said...

Ooo! Watch "You Kill Me" with Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni and Luke Wilson. It's much better than Netflix makes it sound. Trust me!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Wow! I think it's awesome that you are getting any writing done at all. I've written about one page, so congratulations!
I'll also point out that in your scenario, you wrote, "Remember that ONE time . . . ." They'll remember those 100 thousand other times when you completely make their lives work.
Yay for you!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Great to hear that you're getting some work done! Go you!! Although I confess -- if hubby took the kids for an overnight without me, I'd be partying like it was 1999. But that's probably because I haven't partied since 1999. (Feels like it anyway) Go with the hyperbole.

TKW said...

Hey, you did it! Congrats! I always worry about being a wet blanket, too. But sometimes work needs getting done.

What movie did you decide on?

Good Enough Woman said...

JH, I put "You Kill Me" in my instant queue, but I went a different way (see below). But I'll get to it!

Steel, We should keep in mind that the writing isn't very good. But, hey, that's what drafts are all about, right?

Fie, I think I'm past my party days. Plus, having the house to myself for an evening is so amazing that I feel as if I'm wasting it if I leave the house!

TKW, Thanks for the congrats and the support! See my latest post for movie details.

C. Troubadour said...

We just watched Invictus last night -- a nice feel-good film (and I can vouch that it made me feel better after a blah day).

Staying in to work, how I know the feeling! Glad it's peaceful time just for you, though. I wish I could still do work after a glass of port! I'm a ridiculous lightweight.

Good Enough Woman said...

CT, It's been great to have some focused time during which I've been able to be kind of focused. Oh, and, for the record, I should clarify that I did not work after the port. :)