Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairy Facts

Last night, Hubs took care of kids and a kid-friend so that kid-friend's mom and I could go to a movie. When we returned, they were making fairy houses. For the rest of the evening, the Girl was busting out with various fairy facts. I wish I could remember them all, but I do remember this:

"Cloud fairies take care of water and make the dew drops."


"I mean they make the don't drops."

* * *

Even today, the Girl keeps talking about don't drops. Should I consider this some kind of strange fairy negativity?


Ink said...

It sounds like something that would go in a fairy fashion magazine -- pictures of fairies caught "on the street" with "Dew" or "Don't" attached by the editors? ;)

I love that she is thinking outside the box.

Anonymous said...

I think Ink's kiddos are passing their chee over to your pad.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

The don't drops? ah hahaha! I love it. How can anyone not love kids?

Academic, Hopeful said...

Oh, it took me a while to get the fine brand of fairy cleverness because I had my Australian (British) 'dew' (dyou) going on. What a cutie!

Good Enough Woman said...

I suppose the dew/don't drop connection is one of the benefits of not being able to read yet--one of the joyful effects of oral/aural communication!