Thursday, December 9, 2010

Conference Paper

So, I've been nervous about presenting my conference paper at the fancy English school because I worry that all the English scholars will think I'm an ignorant Yank.

But I finished a draft on Sunday and sent it off to my supervisor, and I felt pretty good about it.

She e-mailed me back today (she's so quick!), and she gave me two big thumbs up. (Well, that's my very American idiom, of course, for the fact that she thought it was very good, "indeed.") I am so pleased for the following reasons:

  • I don't have to stress about it for the next three weeks.
  • My own self-assessment of its quality was accurate.
  • It gives me confidence for the dissertation.
  • And since she's English and an expert in the subjejct and she doesn't think it's stupid, then I don't need to worry!
Merry Christmas to me!


Amstr said...

Yay!!! Isn't it a relief? I just got news from Dr. Advisor-Pants that my book chapter is "coming together nicely," and he agreed with my parenthetical self-assessments. It feels good.

Happy worry free holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

*sticks a gold star to your forehead*


medieval woman said...

well done!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

That's awesome news. Good on ya, mate! Oh... wait, that's Australian, isn't it?

C. Troubadour said...

Awesome! It is SUCH a good feeling when you know you and your supervisor have an understanding about your work.

I envy the quick turnaround on feedback. My advisor seems to have vanished into the ether and I'm so not into the idea of sending one of those "Hi, did you get my e-mail?" e-mails. I always feel like a pest doing that.

In other news, I am still laughing at the direction the comments in your last post took. Hope the grading is nearly over for you :)

English Adjunct said...

That's great! Good for you and how nice to not have to be doing revisions up to the last second!

BTW, the word verification I have to type in for this comment is "death." A bit dark for the holidays, don't you think?

P said...

Yes! Merry Christmas to you. Also, I agree that acceptances boost confidence.

Good Enough Woman said...

Amstr--Yay back to you! And I like the coinage: Mr. Advisor-Pants. Kind of like how the Girl calls the cat Miss Fluffy Pants.

JC--You wouldn't believe the looks I've gotten today because of that gold star. But I'm wearing it with pride!

MW--Thank you! I'm thinking of trying your Coke Zero and Nilla Wafer snack while I edit a bit.

Fie--Yep. A simple, "Bloody Brilliant!" might work well.

CT--It *is* a good feeling, and I *am* very lucky with my advisor. She's great.

EA--Death? Jeesh. That's is a bit ominous. How about we put it in context, "Death to stress!"

P--Thanks for coming by! I will repay the visit!

Ink said...

Huzzah, indeed!

I'm with JC -- more gold stars to you, GEW!

Way to go...

J. Harker said...

Huzzah and kudos. Best of luck!