Wednesday, December 22, 2010

E-mail to GEW from Student Who Takes the Cake (SWTTC)

I submit to you, dear blog peeps, Part III of the saga, not as comedy, but tragedy:

dear mrs. [GEW],

hello its me [SWTTC], i know we had some discussion about my research paper about how it couldn't pass because of plagerism, mrs.[GEW] i have never ever plagarised in my life, never in any paper i've ever done before, i know that i forgot to quote somethings and rewrite them a little, but these mistakes seemed to have cost me the points it was worth, if i may there anything we can work out? i don't know cause the class ended already but i really did not want to fail and have to retake that class again, if you can write me back i would greatly appreciate it, i would like to turn in a better copy corrected if its alright with you but like i said, i don't know because the semester ended


Gaga said...

Yes, tragedy.

loveskidlit said...

The semester ended, unlike the email!


Anonymous said...

dear swttc,
the whaaaaamubulance is on the way. go stand outside and wait for it.

GEW, I wish Santa didn't need to deliver a metric ton of glitter pens, but I put them on the list for you.

Bardiac said...

The [dean, honor council, whatever] will be happy to chat with you.

Happy expulsion!

Ink said...



Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Oh, I've had this before. How it makes the anger boil! I love "I've never plagiarized in my life..." Sure you haven't, moron. If students ever cracked a book to see what plagiarism actually is, they might have a freaking clue. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

C. Troubadour said...

There HAS to be a way to get this child to cease and desist. If it weren't in total violation of confidentiality, I'd be tempted to change my out-of-office automated e-mail reply to say,