Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Fun Swim

I did not feel "good enough" this morning when I lazed around with the kids watching the Olympics and Beauty and the Beast. I did read the kids a few books. But after hubby got back from surfing, and after some peanut butter and honey sandwiches, we went to family fun swim at the community college where I teach. The water was warm and both kids were swimming like Olympic athletes. Well, maybe not. But they were both putting their heads in the water a LOT, which for my kids, is fantastic. The girl, who is three, was really swimming (so say I). And the boy, who is five, was even doing some flips! I am so proud. And they were SO tired.

Now everyone is asleep while I stay up late to see Michael Phelps swim for his eighth gold medal. Everyone I know is DRAGGING because of late nights watching these events. I stayed up until 1:00am the other night in order to see the gynmasts.

But next week is track and field. Not my area of interest, so I should be able to get more sleep.

Phelps in ten minutes. Time to pay attention so I can watch and wake up hubby so he can watch.

20 minutes later: Wow. He did it. I guess sometimes it's good to be better than good enough.

And what about Dara Torres? I am such a slouch.

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