Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Someone Was Out There

Last night, about 2:00am, I woke to the sounds of footsteps on the rocks outside of my bedroom window. Mind you, to be in that spot, someone would have to open a gate or jump the fence into the backyard. What is surprising is that neither I, nor Hubby, nor the dog, heard the interloper breaching the fence. But we all heard his footsteps outside the window (and I do assume it was a "he") at the same time. Hubby sat up, and I whispered, "Someone's out there," and just then the dog started barking.

Hubby jumped up, went to the window, and yelled, "Hey!"

The guy started running. I could hear his feet on the rocks. So then Hubby started running down the hall towards the back of the house (the children's room is in the back). The good news is that the dog sleeps in the kids' room. By the time Hubby got back there, the dog was barking, and Hubby let the dog out of his crate and into the backyard. I could hear all of this happening while I lay in my bed listening to see if I could tell which direction the guy went.

Apparently, when Hubby and the dog went outside, Hubby grabbed a big shovel, and the dog started searching.

They didn't find anything. I think the guy jumped the fence before they made it outside.

This was a strange experience. We live in a small, quiet town that is fairly safe except for occasional drug busts and vandalism sprees. I can't imagine why this dude was walking through our backyard. After a morning inspection of our "perimeter," it's clear that neither of our gates had been opened during the night, so he must have jumped the fence to get in and to get out.

What the hell was he doing?

I used to live in an apartment that was prone to this kind of activity, but that's because it was between a hotel populated by ex-cons and a spot where homeless people camped. Granted, I didn't like the fact that I sometimes had weird lurkers outside my window, but at least I understood why they were there.

This situation was especially weird because I can't imagine what he was doing. It didn't even sound like he was trying to be quiet or sneaky. And he was walking past our window, towards the front of the house by the garage, so it didn't really seem as if he was trying to get in.

Perhaps he was just drunk and taking a short cut. If so, he's lucky he didn't end up with my dog attached to his ass.

I'm so grateful for Hubby and the dog.

As for the kids, the Girl woke up when Hubby was letting the dog outside, but Hubby just told her that the dog heard something like a raccoon. We won't be telling them about the "bad guy."

No reason to alarm the children.


feMOMhist said...

hmm we just have drunkish stumbling home at closing time college students, which while annoying, are far less frightening. Hoping you have a peaceful full night of sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

If the dude could jump a fence TWICE, he wasn't drunk. He was looking to break in, and he was thwarted in his efforts. File a report with the police, and ask them to do patrols. I guarantee you that even though your house wasn't burglarized, he was probably checking it out, and others in the neighborhood. They usually case the joint before they break in.

A friend of mine had a break-in on his quiet suburban street recently. Turned out that the burglar came in the back door of a house that is owned by a COP. The cop shot the burglar dead in his living room.

Actually, I would make sure your kids know about "stranger danger" and tell them to keep their eyes peeled for people they don't know. This would be a good time to get to know your neighbors if you don't already.

Lots of treats and scratches for the pup! I hope Hubby gets a gun.

Becca said...

That is creepy! Our dog went to live with my parents, but I really liked having him around at night because I knew if he wasn't barking, there was nothing to worry about! I hope he was just drunk and lost and never comes back.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Oh my god, GEW!! How scary! I'm not a gun person, but I think I might invest in a baseball bat after having read this. We don't have a dog. :(

I'm really glad that you are all ok. I think a call to the cops would be completely appropriate.

Good Enough Woman said...

feMOM, Thanks for the peace-filled wishes, but I might keep one ear awake tonight.

Unicorn, Good point. You're right. I should file a report. Our town had a little crime spree this summer, and community watch activities made a big difference, I think. Maybe this weekend I'll make some rounds. As for the kids, our school does a safety program, and we do talk abut strangers and other safety issue. This would be a good time for some reminders. But I still don't think I'll tell him abut this bad guy. I'm not sure they'd ever sleep in their room again--or in any room without us.

Becca, It WAS creepy. And I also hope that he decides
this house is way more trouble that it's worth. The dog is a great deterrent.

Fie, Yes, I think Hubby wants to make sure he has a baseball bat and a flashlight. and I need to make sure I have a working phone near the bed. The good news is that this kind of thing is an anomaly. But still.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Cousin, that is scary. You know all of my/our experiences with theft and vandalism and I know how invasive it can be.

From what I've heard, crime is up just about everywhere. I think people are looking for easy opportunities - unlocked cars, doors, easy access to lawnmowers and tools and such. Just make sure you lock up your stuff at night - less of an invitation.

DEFINITELY call the police if you haven't already so they can increase their presence in the 'hood.

And I agree with you on not telling the kids. Your children are WAY thinky already (hello, Mamma Bear!) and this might make their little heads explode. And they are at that age where this shit can keep them up all damn night. No one needs that.

Gaga said...

Good reason to have those rocks there. Good reason to have that big ole dog. Good reason to keep that man.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about that. VERY scary. Glad you're all ok.

Hooray for barking dogs and husbands who jump up and grab shovels!

loveskidlit said...

Yikes. What a nightmare! Go Hubby and Dog (and shovel).

This Ro(a)mantic Life said...

Oh how scary. I am so glad you had all the backup right there. I'm terrible in these sorts of situations -- I get paralyzed. My husband is like yours, up and at it, ready for a take-down. I'm glad his presence of mind (and the dog's, if we can call instinct that) scared the intruder off.