Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Buffy: A Question and a Comment

Question: Should we start watching Angel concurrently with Buffy, since the two shows ran concurrently? Or should I get all the way through Buffy and then watch Angel?

Comment: Dude. I LOVE Spike. I know he's evil and all, but last night we watched the episode when Spike is at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone is attacked by Chumash Indian spirits. One of the funniest Buffy episodes so far. HI-larious. Brilliant.


squadratomagico said...

I don't think there's too much crossover, so you can certainly go through Buffy without Angel. I myself never warmed up to the latter, actually.

I <3 anyone who <3s Spike.

Ink said...

If you can wait this this summer, I'll watch Angel too and we can chat while we view? What say you? But don't feel like you have to. Just offering.

And oh yeah, he's Spike-a-licious. (And I have to say that I really loved Spike and Dru together...kept wishing she was in the series more than she was.)

Ink said...

Dunno if you ever saw this, but here was my list of musings after season three was viewed. See if they make any sense to you now! :)

biochem belle said...

squadratomagico is mostly right in saying there wasn't too much crossover, but the timelines do run together, and at least once or twice a season there was some tidbit or major point from Buffy that created a plot point for Angel.

I, for one, loved Angel (character and show). There were a few less than stellar episodes, but for the most part, I thought it was good.

Anonymous said...

There were a couple of crossovers but if you have the boxsets, when you watch Angel you could always go back to the relevent episode.However, f you have the time it would be good to watch them both together because of timelines & allusions to plots etc. I personally liked Angel (the series) Cordelia comes into her own and really develops into a great character. Spike also joins in which is always good!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the Angel series and I don't feel like I missed anything.

Good Enough Woman said...

Thanks for all of the advice, fellow Buffy fans (and fellow Spike fans). Although I bought the first two seasons, we've been getting the third and fourth from Netflix. Studentmum may have the best idea--buy them for easy reference!

Ink, your offer sounds good, too! I'll keep you posted. And thanks for the link back to your post about season three. I missed it before because we were on our Alaska cruise. So glad I read it now instead of then. You are SO right. I might do a similar post, posing my own ponderings. As in, It seems as if no matter where anyone is going, they all have to take the same path to get there.

Good Enough Woman said...

Oh, and thanks for stopping by, biochem belle!

And thanks for the <3's squady!

Ink said...

Yes, you should do the list! I look forward to your observations.

And I had forgotten about that episode, btw. SO funny!

Do you think that much of what makes Spike so yum IS his snarlingness? That mad, bad, and dangerous to know vibe? I'm always atracted to rebels... LOL.

Ink said...

Yeah, I'm "atracted."

(To quote David Mamet, "What could that mean?")