Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update: Buffy Edition

Spoiler Alert: Do not read this post if you've never watched to the end of Season Three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (unless you never intend to, and then, well, you won't care about this anyway).

Buffy has graduated from high school.
The mayor has ascended and been defeated.
The school has been blown up.
The principal has been eaten.
Angel has retreated in the fog.

Tonight I start Season Four. Please tell me that it continues to be an awesomely entertaining show.


Anonymous said...

Personally I thought season 4 to be the weakest. I watched a lot of Buffy and her lame boyfriend in double-time. Spike, Anya, and the episode "Hush" makes it all worth it though. And, if you can get through season 4, season 5 is awesome. Definitely my favorite!

Ink said...

Wasn't that an amazing episode, with the graduation and the mayor and whatnot? I actually cried at the [spoiler alert]...Braveheart moment.

I loved all the seasons after the first. Some of the shows are not as strong but then there will be an amazing one that just blows your socks off and makes you all giddy again.

They're doing reruns of Buffy on our cable -- just started recently and I'm DVRing them for rewatching purposes!

I'm so glad you're watching them all!!!!!!!!!

Ink said...

ps: "Hush" is freakin' AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

For me, Season 4 is not the best, too much Initiative!

But agree with Ink 'Hush' is .... well you just have to watch it!

I haven't had a Buffy fest for ages - I feel one will be needed after I finish this beeping essay, which will be ..... possibly today!!!

I'm trying to remember what season 'Once more with feeling' is?

Ink said...

"Buffyfest" = brill.

I think "Once more with feeling" is the last or penultimate season. Can remember waiting to see it after hearing about it... ;)

Good Enough Woman said...

We're four episodes in. Not fantastic, but Anon is right about Spike and Anya. They just came back in the picture, and they're great. Haven't gotten to "Hush" yet. Will keep you posted! Oh, another question (I might need to make a full post if y'all don't check back here): Should we be watching _Angel_ concurrently with Buffy, or should we do it after the Buffyfest?