Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Miss Steinem

Last night, as we were snuggling after story time, waiting for Hubby to finish reading to the Boy from The Book of Flight, the Girl and I had this exchange:

The Girl: "You know, if anyone ever puts up a 'No Girls Allowed' sign, I'm just not going to cooperate."

Me: "I think that's great idea, Sweetie. Unless, maybe, it's the boys bathroom."

The Girl (laughing): "Oh. Yeah. Well that."

I think this objection to discrimination has been stimulated somewhat by a couple books in the Magic Treehouse book series. The Girl has listened to the audio versions of some of these, and the first two she heard were the Plato one and the Shakespeare one. In the Plato one, women aren't allow to publish books or go to the Olympics. In the Shakespeare one, girls can't go on stage. Of course, the books are highlighting the problematic nature of such customs, but the Girl is so disturbed by these elements that she always wants me to skip those parts.

At the same the time, she is quite focused on beautifulness. But I guess it can't all come at once.


Anonymous said...

At her age, I was disturbed by sexist crap too but on a THIS SUCKS level as it happens to others. At my age now and under constant direct assault for having boobs, I'm rong because 1) men are all ways right and 2) men are always right. It's too much mentally to take sometimes, so picking my battles has become something I'm better at to save my sanity. Oh, and I paint my toenails and wear a tiara to de-stress. shhhhh.

I give The Girl props for being aware of discrimination. Does she know about women's ski jumping not being allowed at the Vancouver Olympics? ya know, because "it'll hurt their uteruses."

TKW said...

I love that girl! Girl Power, honey!

And jc, are you serious about the Olympics? Assholery!

Anonymous said...

Hum. I would think that ski jumping would be more likely to hurt a penis than a uterus. After all, our uterus is tucked neatly and safely inside our bodies, not just flapping around in the [icy] breeze.

Not that I would ever actually try to ski jump. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Ok, is that for real about the Olympics? Because that's ABSURD.

Way to go, Girl. Or may I say Grrl? Roar!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm serious about the ski jumping women. Here's the petition and watch the videos linked at the top. jc


J. Harker said...

The Girl sounds like an interesting character. One with spunk. I like that.

Oh! And the previous comments I left are probably spread between some of your pre-holiday posts and your earliest posts. I wish I could be more specific. Sorry!

Contemporary Troubadour said...

To the Girl: I love you. You tell 'em how it ought to be :)

Good Enough Woman said...

jc, and why are men always granted instant authority? Drives me nuts. Or, should I say, it drives me ovaries.

TKW, Total assholery!

AP, Oh, TOO TOO funny.

Ink, Oh that's a great new nickname. Grrl. Love it!

JH, Interesting barely begins to cover it! And I'll hunt and peck for your earlier comments. Thanks for them!

CT, I'll pass on your love!

Bardiac said...

Well, then, she'll LOVE to know that Moll Cutpurse supposedly got up on stage and disrupted the play being put on about her.

And women were acting in Spanish plays during the period (also in France, too).

Patriarchy sucks. We need to end it now.

Good Enough Woman said...

Oh, and CT, I didn't me "pass on" your love as in "no thanks, I'll pass," but as in "I'll pass it on."

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Yay! Oh and you can tell the Girl that I have a pair of fairy wings tucked safely in my closet for her to borrow if she ever comes to visit while the Boy is handling pest control. They have her name on them ;)