Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seven Things: Homework from Ink

I hope you accept late work, Ink! But really, I've been SO busy, and my car died . . . er, I mean my computer died, oh, and I had a lot of other homework, and, um, what was the assignment again?

Oh, yeah. Seven things I haven't mentioned before on my blog. Here we go:

1. Although I have mentioned this over at Acadamnit’s place, I’m not sure I have fessed up here. I was a cheerleader in high school. I cheered freshman and sophomore years and made varsity my junior year, but I didn’t try out for my senior year. I decided to skip it so that I could party with my friends. They were tired of waiting for me to finish games before we headed out to whatever unwise activity we had planned. They did wait, since I was often the DD, but they were tired of it. And I was tired of the cheerleading drama. But I could do a mean herky, and I really loved choreographing and performing competitive routines.

2. I was often the DD in high school because I am allergic to marijuana. Like, totally allergic. I get sick as a dog from even the tiniest bit. Barfing sick. Can hardly move sick. If I ever get cancer and need something to increase my appetite and decrease my nausea, I’m not sure what I’ll do. In grad school, I tried it again to see if I had “grown out of” the allergy. Nope. It’s like a bee sting allergy. It actually gets worse at each exposure. I think I’ve only met one other person (that I know of) with this allergy.

3. In addition to my English degrees, I have a M.Ed. in Counselor Education with a specialization in College Student Development. After earning that degree, I ran a residence hall (of 600 students) for three years. I wisely changed careers so that I could work with students in the classroom, rather than working with students who are drinking, vandalizing, fighting, and even (once) dying. Not that those things can’t happen in the classroom, but they don’t’ happen on a weekly (or daily) basis.

4. Have I mentioned this before? In high school, I was a rocker. My first concert was Van Halen 1984. I saw Motley Crue twice (or was it three times?). I saw Bon Jovi (with Cinderella) twice. I saw White Snake (when they opened for Quiet Riot). I saw KISS twice. I had giant hair and wore a lot of zebra print. But I also got good grades (which was a secret).

5. My senior year of college, I had Susan Gubar as a professor. It was a Feminist Literary Theory course, and she was fantastic. The same semester, I was also volunteering for the Rape Crisis Center and minoring in Women’s Studies. You can see (if you look back at #4) the ways in which I changed during college.

6. Maybe I have talked about this before, not sure, but, for a while, several years ago, I surfed every day. I have never been much of an athlete (my version of cheerleading was not very athletic since I wasn’t a gymnast), but I loved surfing and was decent for someone who didn’t learn until her late 20s. I was in the best shape of my life. And I felt cool. Actually, I was cool. Once, I got barreled, and it was awesome. I haven’t surfed since my second child was born (it’s hard to have two surfers in the family, and it’s very hard for women to be “weekend warriors” when it comes to surfing—what with the need to maintain upper body strength. Therefore, hubby is our designated surfer.). Still one of these summers (the waves are small is summer), I’m hoping to get back out there.

7. I have written some songs on my guitar. One is called “Boobs Not Included.”

And now I'm passing this homework onto a few other bloggers in my own private (or, um, public) blog world. But no pressure! But I will do herkies for each of you who do it.

The Thirty-Something Bride (who might not respond because she's in Chickety China)
Contemporary Troubadour
Gaga's Journey

(I would also pick Dr. No of Acadamnit, but I know zie is hibernating in hir sabBATical cave. That's okay. I'll take late work.)


Ink said...

Yes, I take late work. Usually, I mark it down a letter grade but I won't do that in your case because of the Sheer Awesomeness of your list! Every single thing is interesting (and I want pictures of them all)!

And I'm totally jealous that you had Susan Gubar as a prof. I don't think I've written one thing where I didn't cite her and Sandra Gilbert somewhere.

Smiling at your rocker chick days...

Gaga said...

Since I have your kids, my homework will be late.

Gaga said...

Boy is inventing and I am the tape dispenser. Girl is happily playing Barbies BY HERSELF!

Anonymous said...

you RAWK surfer chick! i'm a hair band freak, saw BJ with Cind too :) Cind was a great band for learning the songs on piano, I used to sit in front of MTV and play along. Never got into animal print, but acidwash jean anything and dangle earrings were more my style.
livin on a prayer,

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Hee hee! This is exactly what I need right now, GEW :). That, and some motivation to start dinner. So I'll do that first and then have a go at the homework afterward.

Love your list. I was (sadly) never as adventurous.

J. Harker said...

Sounds like a pretty rockin' progression from high school to college!

And if it's any consolation, I had bad asthma and a tobacco allergy (of all things!) so inhaling anything on fire was out of the question for me.

Both of those calmed over the years, but I still haven't tried pot! *shakes fist at the world*

Gaga said...

Go to my blog to see Cheerleader GEW. Her hair got bigger later:)

TKW said...

You are incredibly awesome--a surfer chick AND a girl who has seen KISS twice? I would kill to see KISS twice. I am counting on you not to share this with anyone, but I have seen Bon Jovi FIVE times. Even now, I tell hubs that if Jon Bon Jovi ever drives up to my door on his motorcycle, I'm grabbing my black leather jacket and my birth control pills and I'm GONE. :)

I am also dying for the complete lyrics to the Boob Song.

Good Enough Woman said...

Ink, My mother posted a picture.

Gaga (Mom), You have a good excuse!

JC, I am in awe of your talent. I would LOVE to see you rock out on the piano.

CT, I think it's a facade of adventure. I feel like I'm actually a rather cautious person.

JH, Cracking up at your fist shaking. But who needs pot when they are a classicist? (I mean that in a complimtentary way . . . )

Gaga, Overachiever!

TKW, I really am laughing out loud. Really. So funny. I can picture you grabbing your jacket! Soon, maybe I'll post some lyrics. Or, I have a recording of it, so maybe I'll even try to post a sound file. Not sure if I know how. Or if I'm brave enough.

Ink said...

That picture is GREAT! You sassy blonde cheertator, you!

And I dig your ' long did it take to create with the curling iron? Because I had a similar cut at one point and even though I have curly hair, I had to curl it with the curling iron to make it go in the right direction...oh the wasted hours of my life...LOL!

Bavardess said...

I'm right there with you on #4. I kind of wish I'd had a bit of your #2, as it might have kept me out of trouble a few times.

And I'll do my homework, but can I get an extension? My cat's sick/my budgie died/my internet connection is out...

Good Enough Woman said...

Bav, Yes, I grant you an extension, and I won't even take off five percent.