Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Big Kid on the Sledding Hill

Dear Big Kid on the Sledding Hill on New Year's Eve: No, wait. Scratch the "dear." Let's start with, "Hey, kid." I understand the whole skiiers-have-the-right-of-way thing, and the always-look-uphill thing. But you weren't skiing; you were sledding. And from my brief but recent sledding hill experiences, sledding involves making sure the path is clear before you take off. To translate, this means that if a little, 35-pound, six-year-old boy is downhill from you, carefully setting up his sled for take off, you can wait 30-friggin seconds until he's out of the way. It's not like you can't see him. And later? When I was carrying my wounded son off the hill, and when my even tinier daughter was standing next to me, and you went flying by us, almost knocking the Girl down? You are so lucky I had my Boy in my arms right then, or I would certainly have derailed you with a swift kick to the ribs.

Dear EMT Samaritan: I appreciate the fact that you motored over on your snow machine to ask if my son was okay, especially since I really had no idea if he was okay or not. But for future reference, after you identify yourself as an EMT and offer your help, it seems that you might want to do more than just have the injured person squeeze your fingers, and then say, "He's fine." I mean, really. In a society as litigious as ours, you might spend a bit more time checking out the wounded party, and follow it up with something like, "I don't see signs of a concussion or major back injury, but it might be good to get him checked at a medical facility." Perhaps that's what you meant when you said, "He's fine," but it was hard to tell. Also, when the Big Kid on the Sledding Hill comes up several minutes after the incident--an incident which you did not, as you mentioned, actually see--I recommend that when he offers his half-assed apology, you don't say, "Oh, don't worry. It's not your fault. It was just an accident." I might recommend that you at least suggest he be more careful in the future. Again, I understand that accidents happen, but the dude could have waited.

Dear Eagle Healthcare Center in the Vail Valley: By all reports from the Boy, the Hubby, and Hubby's best friend, you rock. Quick service. New equipment. Nice, knowledgable doctors who know all about sledding hill injuries like this one:

Dear Son: I am so sorry that you this happened to you. What a bummer ending to a great trip. I'll never forget how sweet you looked as you were carefully setting up your sled for a big run. You were so brave on the big hill, and so excited. And then I saw him coming. I didn't even have time to shout, and you wouldn't have had time to move anyway, and I know you didn't see him coming. But I watched him completely T-bone you at a very high rate of speed as you were kneeling next to your sled, and I watched you get launched, flipped, and flattened, and I just started running. I wish I could get it all out of my head. But I am so grateful that the injury wasn't worse. Because it could have been. Much worse. And I have been amazed by your poise and strength during this whole thing. Right afterwards, I knew you were badly hurt, but you were so strong and told me you were already feeling better. Word has it, you chatted with the doctors and didn't cry at the medical facility. You haven't needed any more pain meds than a few children's Tylenol, you've slept well every night, and you cheerfully followed the accident with two days riding in the car back to California. What kind of superkid are you? In the past, I have worried that I have babied you and that you aren't independent enough. Granted, you might be easily frustrated when your drawings don't turn out right or when it's hard to get the bumps out of your socks, but when the chips are really down, you are the strongest, most cheerful, most resilient kid--make that person--I've ever seen. It's amazing how much I love you*.

*And I apologize in advance for the hovering I will be doing for the next few weeks as we wait for those bones to fuse. I am terrified that you will fall down or that someone will bump into you.


Bavardess said...

Oh no, the poor Boy! I'm very surprised the EMT didn't pick up that injury - he must have been in a lot of pain. But I hope once he's feeling better, he can get some bragging rights from showing people his cool xray photo.

Anonymous said...

Dear GEW -

Whoa. You totally rock for keeping your cool. I would have been dragging the Kid from Sledding Hill by his hair back to the lodge to find his parents, where I would have tossed him trembling and crying at their feet and demanding an apology. And reimbursement for the x-ray!

I'd follow up with a snarky call to the EMT's boss-person, making sure his next snow season would be spent flipping burgers instead of hanging out on the slopes.

You are certainly Good Enough, Dear Woman!

I'm so glad everyone made it home safely. And hovering is a Mother's Right.

Angela Pea

What Now? said...

How scary! I'm glad that there's a relatively happy (or at least not horrible) ending to the story, and here's hoping for fast healing for you all.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

You know, big kids can suck it. That's how my wrist was broken in the third grade at the roller rink - by Big Kid Ass-hole-ness.

And I seriously don't get how you didn't knock the living crap out of that big kid. Or mouth off to the EMT. I am certain I would have done both.

Give Schmoo a kiss from Cousin.

Gaga said...

Add a kiss from Gaga.

loveskidlit said...

Poor Boy, and brave you! It is so hard to be brave for your baby when you don't even know how hurt they are...

Just so you know, moments after you left, older boy flattened EMT guy who had gotten off his motor when it inexplicably failed. EMT no longer believed sledding accidents to be nobody's fault, and got mad. Older boy is chastened, and EMT is on indefinite probation.

TKW said...

He broke his freaking collarbone!!!?? I'd have clocked that little fucker who mowed him down!

I'm so sorry that your vacation ended on a bad note. Hugs to your brave little man.

Hopefully, next time you are in my neck of the woods, we can meet!

Good Enough Woman said...

Bav, Yes. It seems that his pale shade of green might have cued a more thorough going over. And I just took the boy to school (which freaks me out) and gave a copy of the x-ray to the teacher to share with the class.

AP, I think the only reason I kept my cool was that I was so scared for my Boy, even though I didn't want the Boy to know I was scared. Thanks for the kind wishes!

WN, Thank you!

TSB, I know. Will my kids be assholes when they get big? Well, actually, I'm not sure the Boy will ever be big, seeing as he still only weighs 35 pounds.

Kisses given to the Boy from Cousin and Gaga!

loveskidslit, Great ending! Thank you for letting me know. I feel a much better sense of resolution now. :)

TKW, I wish you and the rest of my tough blog peeps could have been there to do the mouthing off while I cradled my boy. That would have rocked. And I'm sure we'll be in your neck of the woods again before long, and I'll give you a heads up! But I'm not sure about sledding . . .

*My word verication is "poophele."

baxie said...

That little shit is lucky you're a borderline saint- he wouldn't have made it off the hill alive if I'd been in your shoes.

Bardiac said...

I'm sorry your little guy was hurt, and hope he recovers FAST!

Anonymous said...

Oh no no no no! Oh, poor guy! Is he in very much pain, or are the bones stabilized and the painkillers working?

So sorry that this happened. And I wish you could have given the big kid a piece of your mind for real. He deserves it.

Hugs to all of you! (How are you doing? It's so hard to be the worried mom when your kids are hurt.)

Good Enough Woman said...

The little guy was doing very well yesterday. Too well for my liking. He wanted to play, and I had to nag him to death to be careful. A big change from the weekend when he could barely walk. But today, he a bit lethargic. I'm hoping it's just fatigue from his big day yesterday. Initially I worried some about internal injuries, but I think those probably would have manifested themselves by now.

Everyone seems to suggest that the two halves of the bone will find each other and knit themselves back together again in due course. But it's frustrating that I can't see what's going on in there.

Thanks for all of the solidarity in loathing the big kid who flattened the Boy.

Leslie said...
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Contemporary Troubadour said...

Get well, Boy! That's one horrific looking break ... GEW, you two are amazing for keeping it together through that whole ordeal. Cannot BELIEVE the EMT's response -- but, sadly, I can believe Big Kid's. Been there, been run over, didn't even get a half-assed apology.

Shaking my fist with indignation at the Big Kid and his brethren on every hill out there!

And (very gentle) hugs to the Boy.

Ink said...

Glad he's feeling better but still, it's worrisome when they won't calm down!

Anonymous said...

I'm still cringing and clenching my jaw from the pic. I have a shoulder injury from extreme sports, and the creaks and knocks that come from my shoulders years later is enough for people to jump back wondering WTH? when I raise my arm or reach for something. The absolute best thing I did for myself was buy a Total Gym. I put it on a really low level and work on it slowly every day for a few minutes. Physical therapy helped for a while but it's alot better to get to the stretching and strengthening every morning straight away.

still cringing....owwwwwww