Monday, December 1, 2008

Post T-Day

Only a quick post because I MUST get to work.

Last week was full of fun craziness as my husband's sister and her family (two kids, 8 and 6) visited and stayed at our not-so-big-house for three days. The kids had a wonderful time and turned the house inside out (which included taking all items out of one of the closets to turn it into a "house" in which they could SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN).

We had a fabulous turkey dinner, and I've been eating leftover pie for days (pumpkin and strawberry-rhubarb). I LOVE PIE. Sidenote: My weight has not gone done during my sabbatical as I thought it would.

We attended a lovely wedding the day after T-Day. Charming. More good food.

This weekend we put up lights and a small fake tree. No big real tree this year since we'll be leaving home to head for snowy mountains in two weeks.

The other highlight: During a trip to the pet store, we got to see a ball python having it's bi-weekly meal of two white mice. The kids were transfixed. So far, no nightmares have resulted from the show.

Okay! Work time. I must write a lot for my supervisor before mid-January. Not so easy to to during the fun holiday season when I just want to stare at the tree, hang out with the family, watch old Christmas movies, read good novels, and drink egg nog.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice holiday! I could totally imagine you intoning the SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN part, all deep and echo-ey. Tee hee.

Good luck with your writing! You will feel SO good on the other side of those pages. :)

baxie said...

Pie Report from Chez Bax:

2 super pumpkins, courtesy Cook's Illustrated, with contemporary touches like fresh ginger & gin in the crust.

1 peach pie, courtesy the bakery where Devra works.

1 pecan pie, ditto.

They were all delicious, and we're still living off them.

Good Enough Woman said...

Oh my. I love pumpkin pie and ginger. And gin.