Sunday, December 14, 2008


No, my daughter was not the Sugar Plum Fairy with the New York City ballet. But she was a toy soldier in the local performance of the Nutcracker, and she was adorable and amazing and, of course, the best toy soldier on the stage (no offense to other toy soldiers or family members of said toy soldiers).

One would have thought, however, that it was the NYC ballet based on the camera jockeying going on up front by the stage.

Nevertheless, she was awesome and she was so excited and she was so proud. A star is born.


baxie said...

PIX or I walk.

Good Enough Woman said...

I'm working on my technological logistics! The computer is mine, but the camera is under my husband's control. I gotta work on the sync!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet! Did she practice a lot, the walking with the stiff legs and whatnot? (We just saw The Nutcracker on local stage and loved it.)

baxie said...

How It Would Work on 16th St
a short play by

opening scene: living room with computer nook, books strewn about liberally.

wife: hey, put those pix up on flickr!

me: okay!

The End