Friday, April 24, 2009

Cloud Nine

Remember how my "To Do List" for spring break included a piece of writing for my supervisor? I did indeed complete that piece, which was about 5,000 words, and I sent it off on Sunday night. I thought the piece was quite rough; it has unfinished sections, etc., and is really about half of what Chapter One might eventually be. Well, I received feedback from her today (already!), and it was so positive that I am floating. Among other things, she said this:

"Overall, I thought this was very good indeed and not rough at all. You really are starting to get to grips with this and shape an argument which is convincing and original."

Perhaps, I might actually be able to do this! Plus, she is just the best supervisor ever.


TheKitchenWitch said...

I am doing the happy dance for you! First of all, to get a response that quickly means that she was excited to hear what you had to say in the first place. Obviously, she liked what she heard.

Enjoy your cloud nine moment. It seems you genuinely earned it.

Dr. No said...

YEs! Happy Dance for you!

Ink said...

Hooray! We have a happy dance conga line going here in your honor! Way to go. :D

Louise said...

Congrats Cousin!

Anonymous said...

WooooHooooo happy dance!! Way to go!!

baxie said...


Informed encouragement is always welcome.