Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exhibit A

A note scrawled across the top of a paper draft slipped under my door today:

"Mrs. GoodEnoughInstructor, My conference with you was scheduled for Friday at 12:30, I will be unable to make it. I am going home 2day & my ride can't wait. If you could email me with any comments on the paper. Sorry for the inconvenience."


TKW said...

ARGGGGGGGGG. Do people just have no manners?

Ink said...

Dear Student:

Here are my comments!

1. Sorry to hear that you couldn't make the conference
2. See you next week.

Good Enough Woman said...

TKW, Apparently not.

Ink, You are so brilliant and so funny.

Ink said...

You, too!!!!!!

(But seriously, isn't that about all the "commentary" that student deserves?)

Really enjoying our party at Dr. No's, btw. :D

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

PLEASE do what Ink suggested!

ck said...

You should totally pretend you never got the note. Let this brilliant student sweat it out.