Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Car Talk

From the backseat of the car:

Girl: When I grow up, I'm not going to have a job.

Boy: How will you get money?

Girl: From my money box.

Boy: But what about when it runs out?

Girl: I won't spend it.

Boy: But how will you buy stuff?

Girl: I won't.

Boy (getting frustrated): But how will you buy cages for your animals?

Girl: I won't need cages.

Boy: But how will you pay for a house and food?

Girl: With the money in my money box!

Boy: But what about when it runs out??!!!!


Boy (starting to cry): That won't be enough to buy furniture!!!

Girl (after a pause, sounding hesitant and a bit panicked): I'll live with Gaga*. She already has all that stuff.

Boy: But what about your family? What about when you get married?

Girl (starting to sound teary-eyed): I won't get married. I'll be like Grandma.

Boy: But you'll get lonely!!!

Girl: (silence)

Me (looking in the review mirror and seeing her hold back the tears): Sweetie, are you okay?

Girl (shouting through full-on sobbing): I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU FOREVER, MOMMY!!!!!

Me: That's fine, sweetie. You can stay with me. [To the Boy] Do you want to stay with me, too?

Boy (with a sniffle): Yes.

Me: Great! We'll all just stay together forever.


*maternal grandmother


--ginger. said...

love this.

Gaga said...

I love it, too!!! They've had similar conversations in the back of my car, one in which the boy told the girl she couldn't grow up to be "just a princess." She couldn't make money doing that. I love it that he sort of gets it. On the other hand, I don't want him to worry so much about his sister's welfare - not this soon! Aren't these conversations great!?

Gaga said...

And I am glad she knows she can live with me:)

TKW said...

I want to live with Gaga, too!!!!!

And of *course* her animals won't be in cages! They'll follow her around like Snow White!

heu mihi said...

Your kids are SO cute! And weird! I love it. The Girl is so beautifully creative and odd.

(My verification word is "undisyna" which I'd like to read as "un-Disney-a.")

Good Enough Woman said...

Ginger: Me, too!

Gaga: If the budget keeps going this way, we might ALL be living with you.

TKW: With the kind of food you make, I'm SURE you'd be welcome at Gaga's.

HM, Last summer, the kids' mantra was "Weirdos rock!" I concur.

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Oh, the pain of having to become a self-sufficient adult! Girl, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I'm completely with you on the full-on sobbing about that.