Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dog Tired

I love a tired dog. A tired dog is so good. I love the way a tired dog lays so flat on the ground, or curled up on a pillow (or on a bed, as the case may be). I love the way a tired dog doesn't come bother me when he hears me in the kitchen making a sandwich. I love that I feel so good about myself after I have facilitated a dog's happy tiredness. When a dog is really tired, I almost wish that I didn't have a not-on-the-couch rule, so that he could jump up and lay (lie?) next to me while I read. Like a cat.

edit-to-add:// That would be the dog lying like a cat--not me reading like a cat.


Anonymous said...

"Reading like a cat" is now my favorite phrase.

Bavardess said...

Aw, that is one cute pup. I've never managed to enforce the 'not on the couch or the bed' rule for long - I'm too much of a sucker for the sad doggie eyes.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Someone needs a kittty-fix.