Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That's the Question

Recent questions from the Girl:

Who was the first person in the world?

How do you die? (Followed by "How long does it take?")

What is the last number?

And, while watching "Snoopy's Reunion," during which Snoopy and his litter mates are playing in a bluegrass jug band: "How do they know how to stand up?" (Taking for granted, I suppose, that they can play musical instruments.)


Anonymous said...

what do you feed her?

TKW said...

How do you die? Crap! I need a cocktail to just THINK about the answer to that one!

naptimewriting said...

She's gonna love Chekov.
And Douglas Adams.

Good Enough Woman said...

JC, I think smoked salmon and candy are her favorites (but not together).

TKW, Yes, and it went on from there into even murkier territory.

Nap, Oooohh. Yes! (When she gets past princess stories and Hello Kitty)

Tonight, we talked more about the "last number." To demonstrate, she counted to 29, then said, "blah, blah, blah, then Pi, and then infinity and beyond and then AAAAHHH, AAAAHHH!!! [screaming like a crow]

Yes, her dad talks about math a lot.

Academic, Hopeful said...

My poor mother had to face this from me:

'Lucky the world gets bigger and bigger otherwise there wouldn't be enough room for all the new babies to live with everyone else'.

She was pretty much out with it:

'We don't all keep living, we get old and die'.

How did you reply?

(BTW, she sounds like a hoot, your daughter!)

Ink said...

Those are some tough pop quizzes! Um, good luck with those...

loveskidlit said...

Hah! And I LOVE the Buzz Lightyear to Crow. Son (8) was debating whether google or infinity was a bigger number... Errr, I dunno. I'm in English, remember?

(word verification: primish, like a numberish kind of thing)

J. Harker said...

Jesus. Children have good questions sometimes. Between you, Ink and TKW, they're sounding more and more like an interesting gambit.