Monday, November 9, 2009

Out of the Bloggice

Since my mother-in-law (who is lovely) is visiting, and since I've been cleaning house in preparation, and since I've been grocery shopping in preparation, and since I've been birthday shopping in preparation for her birthday (which is today), and since she's going to be here for a few days, and since we're going to be celebrating her visit and birthday all week, and since I'm only left with an hour to work on my dissertation today, I'm just putting up a post to say, "Hey, y'all. I won't be around much at my place or yours for a few days, so I hope you have a good week!

I will be here in GEWland, enjoying family but twisting my hair in true dissertation panic.

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Anonymous said...

and your mother-in-law (lovely?) appreciated every minute you spent cooking, cleaning, shopping and helping me to celebrate my special day. You are a wonderful, thoughtful daughter-in-law and I am so happy you are married to my son and the mother of my grandchildrent. Thank you!