Friday, November 6, 2009


So, some of you may have wondered what happened to that whole homesteading/simplicity business that I brought up in June. Some of you found this blog during those posts and probably thought you'd see a lot more of that thread. Well, it's still on my mind, but here's the problem.

I'm a dabbler. I live in fits and starts. It's hard for me to see things through. I have started and then quit (and then sometimes restarted) a lot of things in my life: guitar, piano, violin, french horn, cello, cheerleading, ballet, rifle squad, jobs, careers, aikido, voice lessons, running, crafts, etc. And I am irregular when it comes to many other things: yoga, writing, surfing, gardening, cooking, etc. I get really into something, and then I get busy, and it all falls apart. My commitment cannot hold. Or I find something new. Look, shiny!

In fact, it is this tendency to dabble, to start and stop, that leads me to rely on the whole goodenoughwoman philosophy. But it's clear to me that sometimes my "goodenough" is actually not really good enough at all and that I'm just limping along, which is especially problematic when it comes to the things at the top of the list: family, dissertation, work.

So this is an apology of sorts. If you come to the GEW blog looking for focus and commitment, you will be disappointed. In fact, I've been told that blogs should have a focus, a niche. In that regard, this blog is barely limping along.

That said, I have gotten over 20 tomatoes this week (some cherry, some regular), and I would give you a picture of those tomatoes, but I can't find my new camera. Just one more symptom of the entropy* that is my life.

*[E]ntropy represents the "potential for disorder" in a system. When a system has more degrees of freedom and more constituents, there are more possible states for it to occupy. While some of these states may exhibit patterns that are very ordered, most of these states would be considered disordered (a quite apt excerpt from Wikipedia's entropy page).


baxie said...

you only need a focus if you care about readers.

my blog's ever-changing focus is the same as none at all, and it's still doing what I want it to nearly five years down the road.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness! It's such a relief to read about someone whose life and philosophy is very similar to my own...and I really like her (that's you) cos she makes me laugh and feel good about myself, which means I can't be all that bad! Keep up that thing that you do when you do it. I'll be reading it...even when there are shiny things around!

Anonymous said...

I came over the wall for the cookies, inky won't even notice they're gone! shhhhh:) *nom nom*

I couldn't give a flying crap if the floorboards are loose or if the drapes are hung without a single wrinkle. You're here, that's enough! I'll bet your family agrees. We can all stare at shiny balls together.

Ink said...

Look, shiny! That made me giggle heartily. I love that you write about many different things...variety is the spice of life, after all. :D

Ink said...

Oh, and JC, Annie had the cookies. Just thought I'd mention it so that GEW didn't get scared by the nom noms.

Anonymous said...

well, shit. I get lost looking for cookies! good grief Ink. I haven't made it over my "half-mil$ exercise in academic begging" wall yet. I'm still in the trenches. The big red button gets pushed in days. OMG DAYS! My brain is total mush. AHHHHH! Then the waiting, oh crap, the waiting. *headdesk*

What were you saying about focus, GEW?

Good Enough Woman said...

Baxie, Ah, yes. There's the rub.

Alysonhill, I'm so glad I make you feel good about yourself! Seriously! Glad you'll be hanging around.

JC, Oh yeah. I'm totally over here just gnoshing on cookies, having a little milk. Occasionally taking a break to have some tea or booze and stare at shiny things.

Thanks, Ink! Glad to hear you're giggling. Must mean that your head did not, in fact, explode.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I could describe the other side for you. You know, total obsession with one thing. You do that thing until the thing no longer exists but you become the thing. Then all hope is lost. You end up with knee surgery, a hateful yoga studio owner and a blog about wedding planning that's still going strong a month AFTER the wedding.

I think there's this thing called moderation. I know not of this thing.

Bye. I have to go polish the shit out of my shiny thing.

TKW said...

Focus? Who the hell can focus? Focus, I hear, is highly overrated.

Academic, Hopeful said...

I think it's a sign of passion and courage that you give a wide range of things a go, GEW. If anyone cares about you dropping things, you can just say you're keeping the neural pathways going and that they will get dim and die.