Friday, January 30, 2009

Awash in Independence!

About an hour ago, my husband left with the kids to take them camping. This is the first time since I gave birth to my son that I have had a night in the house with no husband and no kids. Alone.* Since I'm sick, my options are a bit limited. I'm think of going to a movie, but I am afraid I will offend other people if I have a coughing fit. I might do it anyway.

Mostly, I'm just terribly afraid of misusing this afternoon, evening, and morning. And that fear is paralyzing me to some extent. I have so much work and cleaning to do. But those things seem as if they might be the exact kind of "misuse" I'm worried about.

*Granted I have sometimes been elsewhere (in Wales twice, at a conference once) without the husband and kids, just not at home.


Anonymous said...

LOL don't you dare work or clean!! Give yourself permission to read, watch a movie, just veg, whatever YOU want to do for YOU, without guilt! Enjoy and hope you feel better soon!
Prof S

Anonymous said...

How did it go? I hope it was fun and peaceful...