Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Business

Getting back into the swing of things after sabbatical is going to be tough, but since my teaching and office hours are crammed into three days per week, I'll have parts of Monday and Wednesday to still work at home with the dog at my feet. That is, until committees get going and start pulling me into the office like tractor beams from one of Darth Vader's ships.

At the moment, today feels normal, as in "sabbatical normal," because I played with my daughter in the early morning, then volunteered in the boy's class, the took the girl to my mom's, then took the dog for a hike, then stopped by the grocery store and filled up the car with gas. Then home for a shower and superfood green smoothie, and here I am at the computer. The difference is that I need to do work for my online class (responses and grading short assignments) and prep for tomorrow's lit classes, which is kind of tough since I know my students don't have the books because the bookstore doesn't have them yet (what's up with that?), so many of them won't have done the reading. And I still don't have the syllabus finished for the comp class that I got assigned at the last minute.

And I want to write 1000 more words this week for the dissertation. Hmmm.

And I want to make dinner and fold laundry while I watch Oprah before I pick up the poos. That might be getting into the realm of fantasy.

Sorry for the boring post, but I figure I might as well let the blog serve as my "run through" for the day. I like Girl Scholar's idea of picking just three things to do each day, but I'm not sure how one can always make that work . . . Let's try:

  1. Take care of business for online class
  2. Prep for the two lit classes (is that two things?)
  3. Make dinner and fold laundry (again, two things)
Not sure I have the hang of it yet.

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