Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vomit Fear

Has anyone else experience this fear? The fear that comes when your child says, "I want to sleep with you. I really, really do," right after she has vomited several times in the previous two hours? I experienced this fear last night. My little sick cherub, curled up next to me, with her forehead touching mine--and me worried that she would pull a Linda Blair right in my face.

But there was no fear necessary. She proved to be a well-controlled vomiter who was committed to the toilet and the throw-up bucket.

And all of this occurred at a hotel in Mesquite, Nevada*, the night before the last leg of our marathon car trip home. Oh the joy of it all.

*I highly recommend the Falcon Ridge hotel in Mesquite, NV if Mesquite is one of your frequent travel stops. It's not as cheap as the casino places, but it's super nice, it allows pets, it has a hot breakfast, and it has a good pool. And the trash bin makes a great throw-up bucket.


baxie said...

best post title of the young new year

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I hope everyone is feeling better now!

courtney said...

Maddie ONLY will throw up on me. She freaks out, starts to panic, grabs me with some unknown force, and always vomits either on my shoulder or on my pants. every time.