Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mom Guilt: Scene One

Scene: Three-year-old is on the toilet while I keep her company.

The Girl (a bit weepy): I don't want another day like these days.

Me: What's wrong with these days?

TG: Um, um, um. I didn't have fun.

Me: I thought you had fun playing with Mommy's old Barbies.

TG (still weepy): Yes, but it was kind of boring.

Me: Did you have fun at school playing with your friends?

TG: Yes, but . . .

Me: What's your favorite thing to do?

TG (thinking a minute): Playing with grown-ups.

Me: Playing with grown-ups? Why grown-ups?

TG: Because then I don't have to miss them.

Me (almost weepy): Oh.

TG: And I don't want to have to hear "Wait a minute."

Me: Oh, Do growns-ups say "Wait a minute" a lot?

TG (even weepier): Yes.

Me (feeling very guilty): It's hard that sometime grown-ups have to do chores and things when you want to play?

TG: Yes. And I want to be at home sometimes when [insert brother's name] isn't hear so he doesn't mess up my games and come over and yell "Raaaaaa!!!!"

Me: You want more one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy?

TG (still kind of weepy, but getting better): Yes.

Me (thoroughly chastened): Okay. Are you done going potty?

TG: Yes.

End scene. Begin my feelings of inadequacy as mother.


Anonymous said...

I thinking pooping with Mommy is considered quality time.

Anonymous said...

I understand how upsetting those kinds of conversations can be! Hugs to you.

She was surprisingly articulate about what she wanted, though, and that reflects wonderfully on you as a parent!