Monday, January 19, 2009


At dinner tonight, I was trying to explain why Mommy and Daddy might cry tomorrow as Obama takes the oath of office. I was explaining that Obama will use the same Bible that Lincoln used, etc. I confessed to them that I understood they couldn't register what I was saying, and so on. But then I started talking about how Obama was the first person with darker skin to be President, and then my three-year-old girl says, "And white people told black people that they couldn't use the same bathrooms or the same restaurants." I looked at her. And then the boy chimed in with a similar point of fact. Color me surprised.

Okay, so then my husband and I started to recite parts of the oath of office of the presidency, and I said, "to uphold the constitution," and the girl (who is three, mind you) said, "to protect the constitution." And, of course, she was right.

Okay, so she actually said, "to protect the continents," but still.


Anonymous said...

Nationwide is on you side!

Good Enough Woman said...

Every night, before Tavis, as soon as she hears the jingle or whatever, she comes RACING into the living room: "Nationwide is on your side!" Top of her lungs. As you--from our phone call--now know!