Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Great Day, Part Deux

This morning, as we had bagels and watched Netflix DVDs--Barbie and the Diamond Castle, followed by one episode of Man vs. Wild (I'll let you guess who requested which)--we got a call from a friend, and she told us we could come up to her place, which is on two acres about 30 minutes away. We had no scheduled plans, so we packed up, headed out, and even took the dog.

It was fantastic. The weather was perfect. The kids played outside, ate lunch, and played outside some more. The boys hunted for bugs and found (drum roll, please)--SALAMANDERS! After this incredible luck, my boy said, "This is the best day I've ever had in the entire universe."

Then, we went down to feed the neighbor's goats, which would have been great except that my dog found a way into their pasture and proceeded to herd them. Fortunately, after he had them all in place, he left them alone and came back to me. I knew he had herding dog lines in him (he's a pound dog), but I had never seen him in action. Aside from being mortified that he was chasing a stranger's goats around a pasture, ignoring my calls, I was quite proud of his skill.

After some grape juice and Cheetos for the kids (and hot buttered rum for me!), we loaded up and headed up. Now the girl is asleep on the couch, the dog is asleep on the floor, and the boy is drawing pictures of salamanders.

Not too shabby.

And now, after two glorious days with my kids, I will spend some of tomorrow prepping for class but most of it, I hope, working on the dissertation. Not a bad way to spend my last three days before classes start, eh?

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